Kababayan wants to renounce his permanent resident status in Canada

Kababayan wants to renounce his permanent resident status in Canada

I assisted a client several years ago in his application for permanent residence to Canada. Last week, he called me to say that he wants to renounce his permanent resident status in Canada.

To renounce one’s status as a permanent resident, he must meet the following conditions below:
• Be a permanent resident of Canada;
• Have citizenship or valid legal permanent resident status in another country
• Be at least 18 years of age (if you are under 18 you must be represented by a legal guardian)
• Must submit an application to renounce the PR status and there is NO processing fee when you submit an application to renounce your PR status

I reminded him that once his application to renounce his PR status in Canada is approved, there is no turning back. His status will revert to that of a foreign national. To enter Canada, he must apply for a Temporary Resident Visa or TRV. If he is in Canada on a Visitor Record and he plans to stay longer than six months, he now must apply for an extension of his temporary status. He will be subject to and is expected to abide by the rules set out for visitors. He will no longer be eligible to receive health services, he will no longer be qualified to file a sponsorship, and will not be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.

If in the future he changes his mind and will return to Canada as a permanent resident, then he must start a new application, meet all the requirements in place just like any foreign national planning to immigrate to Canada.
Once he makes up his mind, then he must submit his application for voluntary renunciation of his PR status and once that is done, he can apply for the temporary resident visa to Canada.

That is why, I advised him to really weigh all his options and to consider if this is really something that he wants to do.

Although, I can’t blame people for wanting to renounce their PR status. It could be that they no longer want to live in Canada, or they may have obtained citizenship or immigrant status in another country, or they did not meet their residency obligations in Canada.

I just want to reiterate that if you plan to renounce your PR status, please think it over because there are consequences once you are no longer a permanent resident of Canada.

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Source: Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulation (IRPR)
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