Potato Corner Settles in the Corner

Potato Corner Settles in the Corner

Not only did Nelson and Estrella “Bing” Rodriguez open their 8th Branch of Potato Corner at the Millwoods Town Center in Edmonton last April 1, 2022, but they also gave new job opportunities for those who have been waiting for employment during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The first wave of customers included AFJ publisher Jose “Jun” Angeles, editor Lito Velasco, and Abel Cereno, who were greeted to milk teas and other products, complimenting their servings of uniquely-flavoured fries.

The MTC-PC TEAM: (L-R) Vincent Partoza, Yasha Lavilla, John Carlo Cartagena, Rainiel Dela Cruz, Micah Cariazo

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson and Bing Rodriguez with grandchildren

L - R: AFJ Publisher Jun Angeles, Potato Corner owner Nelson Rodriguez, Abel Cereno

Nelson Rodriguez gives AFJ publisher, Abel Cereno and some visitors a tour around the kitchen, showing them how the cooking is done using innovative equipment, as well as how they maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace.

Photos by Lito Velasco

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