Local YEG Small Business Spotlight

Local YEG Small Business Spotlight
Filipina Small Business Owner: Jennifer Fecundo

Jennifer’s Studio 27 By: Jennifer Fecundo & Januel Ibasco

For the month of February, I would like to offer my column once again to another local Filipina small business owner (Jennifer Fecundo) who is looking to make a positive impact and shine a bright light in the community despite the ongoing pandemic we are all experiencing. Let us all continue to support local businesses that help keep YEG moving forward and are influencing those across the globe! Without further ado, here is Jennifer:

Jennifer’s Studio 27 – A small Canadian business, that offers a wide variety of custom and hand-crafted tumblers, mugs, and stickers. Hi! my name is Jennifer Fecundo, creator and owner of Jennifer’s Studio 27. I am a graduate of the University of Alberta with a passion for clinical and behavioural psychology, political science, the corporate world, and art.

Before graduating at the UofA, I was doing everything in my power to grab an opportunity to land a job in healthcare, specifically in mental health or, an occupation in the Canadian government. With COVID appearing in 2020, this has not only stirred up the entire world, but also affected me getting into the workforce. I was put in a position where I did not know what to do next. From all the stress and pressure, I was feeling, from the difficulty of not starting my career due to this pandemic, it felt as if an anchor was pulling me down. With that, I always leaned towards doing something creative and healthy for my mind. Whether it was painting or watching small business studio vlogs on YouTube; this always uplifted my spirit, and, in a way, I felt this was a sign for me to do something bigger and more purposeful in my life. Being the ambitious person that I am, I had to execute plan B.

Since creating art played a big part in my life, I decided to utilize my art skills and turn my life 180 degrees. At 6 years of age, I had the mentality of “when I get older, I am going to have a business”, however it was unclear as to what it would be. I completely loved the idea of having my own small shop and I barely envisioned myself working under an employer at that age. I was the boss. Today, with all the circumstances I’ve dealt with, I decided to bite the bullet and open my small business on Etsy.

Company Logo: Jennifer’s Studio 27

Jennifer’s Studio 27 started in August of 2020, and I am proud to say, I am one lady who does it all. From digitally planning new designs to hand crafting them on drinkware, getting shipments ready, and handling social media. My business offers you the opportunity to collaborate with me to create a completely customized tumbler or mug of your choice. Whether it is for you, a gift for a loved one, or a company logo mug, I can make it happen. With a wide range of designs, fonts, and colors, you can design a mug or tumbler that is uniquely made for you. I also offer tumbler and mug designs that I have created where you can add your own personal touch as well.

From the beginning, I have been rated a 5-star Etsy shop, a top-rated shop for gifts, exemplary customer service, and my customizable mugs have made it to the bestseller list. Jennifer’s Studio 27, has produced custom drinkware designs for individuals and corporations all over the globe from Canada, United States, Germany, France, and Singapore.

For more information, don’t forget to check out my Etsy shop, Instagram, Facebook page, and TikTok all @jennifersstudio27 to view my products. To show my appreciation for your support, here is 10% OFF your purchase when you use code MABUHAY10 at checkout on my Etsy shop.

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