Amy Sundberg a Recipient of Canada’s Senate 150th Anniversary Medal Senate 150 Medal

Amy Sundberg a Recipient of Canada’s Senate 150th Anniversary Medal Senate 150 Medal

Filipinos Success’ Stories:
Kaya Ko, Kaya Mo!
If I can, You surely can!

It is often found that a person’s achievements in the community is shared by the entire community. This tenet is exemplified by how members of the Filipino community rejoice and rally together for every Manny Pacquiao fight.

Here in Canada, the growing Filipino community is brought closer with the achievements of people who have navigated the challenges of migrating to Canada and never stopped pursuing their dreams. One of those notable people is Amy Atienza Sundberg, who was awarded the Senate 150th Anniversary Medal.

Historically, the Senate 150th Anniversary Medal is a medal which commemorates the anniversary of the first sitting of the Canadian Senate which took place on November 6, 1867. The honor is by the Senate who wishes to recognize the achievements and efforts of 12 individuals who share their generosity and selfless dedication through volunteerism and community service.

Amy Atienza Sundberg was chosen as one of the 12 awardees by Senator Yonah Martin, Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate. A dear friend of Senator Martin, Ms. Sundberg embodies the passion for service in the community and volunteerism. Her dedication shines through the numerous volunteer activities, in particular as serving on the board of St. Mark’s and Corpus Christi colleges, and supporting the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation. Moreover, she established the Victor J. Sundberg Memorial Bursary at the Simon Fraser University in 1992 to commemorate the memory of her late husband. She is also the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Ms. Sundberg is an exemplary role model for the Filipino community, illustrating the ideals that are rooted in our culture, that of generosity in time and talent and stewardship.

We are very proud of Tita Amy as I fondly call her.

Tita Amy is humbled – and very proud – to be recognized in this way by the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate.

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