The Summer I Danced Alone

The Summer I Danced Alone

Spring has passed and the sun is starting to shine and it glances down onto the trees. The trees and the grass fields have fully grown—they sway with the wind like partners on the dance floor.

A dance. As I asked to take your hand on the floor and our feet decided to move, our hands grasped the other as the world moved a lot slower. Our eyes locked and I saw an endless abyss through you which made me keep falling in love with you. We danced like nobody was around us. We danced like it was the end of the world. We danced with no care in the world. We danced for which felt like a lifetime. I danced, wishing that I could grow old with you.

Waltz. A popular dance composed of a step-slide-step in ¾ time. much like how you stepped into my life when I met you under the cherry blossoms. You smiled and my heart started sliding down a hill with you at the bottom. It was a hill among tall grass fields as I slid down into your arms. But then you stepped away. I was left alone, looking at the sky, caught in the illusion that you would be there to catch me. One two thr—, I hadn’t even finished counting and the dance had not even ended. But I guess it only took barely three counts for you to let go.

Swing. A dance which is often characterized by lifts, spins and flips. Much like how you lifted me up from the deepest oceans. You lifted me from my darkest past and spun me around until I saw the sunshine. You spun me around until my life was flipped from the fires of hell to the gates of heaven. You flipped my life around but when I arrived on the other side…you weren’t there.

Foxtrot. A dance that incorporates short steps that matches the music’s tempo. My life moved so slowly with no motivation and nothing to look forward to, until I met you. You gave my life meaning. You became my inspiration. You reminded me of butterflies. You made me happy as I matched your tempo, and as we smiled at the same things. We developed the same mannerisms. We laughed at the same problems. We both cried while watching Titanic. But I guess that wasn’t enough. We may have been moving to the same tempo, but all the while, you were looking for something else.

Despite everything, this summer was still my favourite one. You may not know, but you mean a lot to me. You reminded me of what butterflies felt like. You gave me a reason to continue and find myself. Maybe in another lifetime, I will get to dance with you once again. Maybe in another universe, we could make it work. But in this universe, this is the summer… The Summer I Danced Alone.

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