Meet Doctor Joel Ventura San Agustin a Practicing Family Physician in Edmonton

Meet Doctor Joel Ventura San Agustin a Practicing Family Physician in Edmonton

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Kaya Ko, Kaya Mo!
If I can, You surely can!

Doc Joel has always wanted to become a Doctor since he was ten (10) years old. A promise he made for himself and he kept that promise. His strong desire to serve people is his motivation to pursue his profession. As he grew older he realized that there’s so many things Filipinos must change in terms of health habits. He grew up from a middle class family and there’s always this uncertainty whether his parents could financially support him thru medical school. He took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Centro Escolar University in Manila at least it is still in the medical field. He finished Medicine at UERMMMC in Manila in 2000 and passed the medical board examination two years after.

Doc Joel migrated to the United Kingdom in 2004 and worked as a Charge Nurse from 2004 to 2006. With his strong desire to practice Medicine he went to medical training from 2006 to 2009. Completed his residency training in Family Medicine / General Practice in 2012 with a special interest in Palliative Medicine and Mental Health.

He and his family migrated to Canada in 2015 and passed the membership exams from the College of Family Medicine with flying colors same year. He faced so many challenges before practicing as a Family Physician in Canada. “It is quite daunting, and I’m very sure that every Filipino doctor practicing abroad will say the same. You need to overcome physical, mental and spiritual challenges. IT’S YOUR FAITH IN GOD AND FAITH IN YOURSELF, YOUR DETERMINATION AND DESIRE TO SUCCEED.”

Doc Joel has been working as a Family Physician since June 2015 in Canada and he feels most accomplished whenever he sees his patients happy and treated, as what most doctors feel. His fulfilment lies in knowing that his family, his wife and two children and his parents are proud of what he does and what he has done for people.

“What I’m most proud of in life is my family. Raising a family is no easy task sometimes we overlook that. We often look at our degrees and diplomas and our material accomplishments. For me what matters the most is the people around you, the people that loves you”.
Born on September 18, 1973 Doc Joel is happily married to Janette San Agustin and they have two children Liam who is 12 years old and Julia, 9 years old. He loves to travel and plays table tennis and snowboarding.

In June this year Doc Joel together with three other partners built the First Filipino owned medical clinic called Medicus Family Health Clinic where he serves as the Medical Director. They perform minor procedures at the clinic such as excisions/ circumcisions and specializes in mental health and palliative care management.

“Dont lose faith. Dont lose hope. Strive. Work hard. Keep focus and God will do the rest. Hope is what gives us strength and desire to proceed. If without hope, then everything is at a loss.”
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  1. Nag hahanap po ako ng filipinong doctoc kasi mastiwala akong gumamot pag pinoy ang doctor salamat po.

  2. hi dr joel san agustin youare a very good doctor and actually i recommended you to a handful of my friends but a day ago i received a phonecall informing me that you are no longer at medicus family clinic. i am so saddened and now we are in limbo. dont have a family doctor to go to.would it be possible for you or your secretary to give me a call wherewe can see you for medical appointment. my home phone number is 780 486 4251 also 780 483 4897 and please leave a message because i work on shifts and work full time

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