FAREWELL CEREMONY 2022: The New Beginning

FAREWELL CEREMONY 2022: The New Beginning

Congratulations to the parents and the graduates! Indeed, future’s destiny depends on the way of life the youth of today is embracing.

Their parents, teachers, classmates, the educational system itself, and peers usually form the vital and integral parts in achieving their goals and aspirations. This farewell ceremony just serves as the culminating exercise in order to take the next step to advance their level of commitment to success and in the long run, faithful service to the community.

Education is not only a transmission of knowledge but rather, a catalyst of qualitative change. A well-educated person would definitely become an agent of such change. Education is also known as the carrier of values. He who transfers the proper knowledge and wisdom shall be called a virtuous man and will surely become not only a vehicle and an avenue but a certain destination to achieving fairness, progress, and peace.

Aaron B. Velasco (Son of editor Lito Velasco)

Aaron’s classmates and friends

Heart Beatrice Cincioco Manlapaz

Heart’s family

Luzel Dizon

Luzel’s parents: Erica and Albert Dizon

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