The Girl Who Stood Under the Cherry Blossoms

The Girl Who Stood Under the Cherry Blossoms

Did you ever meet someone and think, “Wow, her fashion sense is phenomenal?” Did you ever meet someone and when looking at her, you saw a girl with a beautiful smile? Did you ever meet someone and think, “Wow, she looks gorgeous?”

I’m talking about a girl whose fashion sense is so phenomenal that she could rock any type of clothing, from crop tops to pyjamas. She goes to campus in the most casual wear then switches it up when she goes to dinner in more formal attire, then when she gets home, she goes to bed in the most comfortable clothes. You think to yourself, “How does she do that?” Who knows, she could probably rock neon-colored fashion – and no one likes neon fashion, at least I think so. She could glow in daylight and in moonlight, but even if she didn’t, she’s the only one you would probably notice. Who knows, she could probably rock summer dresses. As she frolics around in a dress on a sunny day, her shadow is as happy as she is. And then, when she asks you to take an Instagram photo of her, you catch yourself smiling, and you forget to press the “capture” button. Who knows, she could probably rock winter clothing, and well, nobody likes wearing heavy jackets. You see her from afar and think that the jacket is closer to her than you ever were and probably will be. Have you met someone like that?

This is a girl whose smile fills the empty space of every particle and atom surrounding her. According to science, “matter” is something that occupies space and has mass. Matter is everywhere. But even so, when you look at her, she’s the only one that really matters. Then she smiles. Stephen Hawking studied the formation of black holes, and well. No one knows what happens when you go into one, but when she smiles, you get sucked into a void that leaves you paralyzed for a second and think, well, you guess that’s the difference between her and a black hole – she smiles, and then you are certain she’s the one. The smile occupies space, and well, it did leave a “mass-ive” smile on your face. Have you met someone like that?

This girl is so beautiful that the cherry blossoms of spring are second to her beauty. Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of spring. It symbolizes new beginnings. Imagine a scenario of you walking under the cherry blossoms. The moon is so beautiful, giving light to the sky, but it is not too bright. It is just enough to see the girl who has caught your attention. Your phone died, so you could not take a picture of her. Instead, you pull out your lined sticky note that you bought from your local school supply store and draw her, as you do not want that moment to pass. You add every detail, every shadow. You stop for a second and catch yourself looking at her instead of the beautiful cherry blossoms falling. A breeze comes to lift her hair so you see her face. Her eyes are so luminous, and her smile so breathtaking. That’s when you know that the beauteous girl in front of you, so exquisite and radiant, is the one you have been looking for all this time. You remember that night…because she was the girl who stood under the cherry blossoms. Have you met someone like that? Well, I did.

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