SHYANE: Our Modern Filipina Diwata

SHYANE: Our Modern Filipina Diwata

Shyane Ann Asa Mckay is a healthcare worker by profession and a small business owner and the President of the YEG Pinay Entrepreneur Society. A native of Cavite City, Philippines, she loves hiking, swimming, paddle boating, working out, and listening to music. She is a self-proclaimed homebody, whose gustatory sense functions well and thus cannot resist fancy but healthy foods.

She believes that falling is an opportunity to become stronger. “It is better to try and fail than fail to try.”

To her, success is being able to do the best thing possible in every role she is playing in life. Without asking, she is good at multi-tasking: playing the primordial roles as a mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, a friend, or an employee.

She values her body and loves her skin’s softness, the way her hair looks, and her legs’ shape. Despite being engrossed in attending to her full time job at the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton and being crazy-busy working as an entrepreneur, she still manages to spend quality time socializing.

Shyane’s maintenance of Diwata-like or Lakambini appearance
Shyane makes sure that she preserves her looks. For instance, she goes to her fave hair dresser every 2-3 months. “I believe your hair is your crown!” her coiffeur said. Having heard such a compliment, Shyane has been inspired to start her own Skin Care and Permanent Make Up clinic. That clinic helps maintain her beauty and at the same time, can supplement her monthly income. “I just love good skin!” Shayne said.

She is blessed with wonderful kids who have also been serving as her inspiration and can gain strength from as well. “I want to give my boys a strong, healthy, happy, and a gorgeous mom that they need. ♥ I am happy when I feel beautiful. I am doing all of these in order to promote our businesses, and finally, I would simply like to encourage other moms to value the beauty God has given us,” she added.

Shayne is a Proud Pinay!
Shyane takes the Filipino culture with indelible character in her soul. This character is not easily defeated by trials and tribulations as she possesses the courage of a real Diwata, or a lady who squarely faces all the challenges of life with calmness in order to survive and succeed. Shayne’s determination is born out of her family’s support and compassion.

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