SALVIFIC MISSION: Should you preserve another’s dignity by putting your own in jeopardy?

SALVIFIC MISSION: Should you preserve another’s dignity by putting your own in jeopardy?

After a thorough evaluation of the succession of intentional incidents that occurred in the last few days, weeks, and months, especially during the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Karilagan Dance Society last March 19, 2022 at the Royal Palace Banquet Hall in Edmonton, I came to realize that the Filipino community is still needing a leader whose voice has an impact or can be heard by fellow Filipinos. A community needs not the kind of person who can loudly scream words that has a negative impact and can harm one’s dignity and reputation. A community doesn’t need a person who cannot manage anger and has the tendency to hurl accusations at someone without a clear basis of truth and who easily jumps to conclusions, leading to physical assault and harm.

I also came to ponder the thought that patience has its boundaries and evil deeds should not be tolerated at all times. Hence, I would like to let the public know that during that awarding night, we were not there for nothing or for no reason at all. We were there to honour many Filipinos and naturalized Canadians who were nominated and chosen to receive awards. It is also for this reason that I believe another fellow-Filipino couple were there, paranoia-stricken as they were, and blinded by delusions. We were all there to recognize our worth as service-oriented individuals and professionals in the society. Thus, the assault, threats, insults, embarrassment, mischief and harm they caused should not have been tolerated that night. False beliefs and accusations are never a valid reason to hurt someone at any time, especially here in Canada, where we assume the belief that we will always be protected by the law.

What should we do to protect our asses?
Well, if you’re unable to comport yourself in a respectable manner, perhaps it is better stay in the silence of your home after work, after attending Church services, after buying food for a week‘s consumption, or after visiting relatives and close friends. Perhaps it would be better to stay away from social gatherings and better to not assume any positions in any organizations.

If you can’t accept what I just mentioned above, then, be well-equipped with a heart filled with courage, or at the very least, hold yourself accountable for all your actions. Always keep these in mind:
• “Treat others as you would have them treat you.”
• “An eye for an eye.”
• “Do unto others what you want others do unto you.”

Simply put, all actions have consequences, so be prepared for those consequences as this is not a lawless place, and you are not above the law.


In similar manner, election time in the Philippines is just around the corner, so as the PC performance review or evaluation here in Alberta. May the politicians never-ever plan to win the elections by fraudulent means and killing their political opponents.

Remember that votes can be bagged by coersion and deception or be bought; but not of a peaceful country.

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