Loyalty Gains Royalty

Loyalty Gains Royalty

Experience tells how essential loyalty is in every relationship. Without it, all promises will be just be broken. Loyalty is the integral component of love and therefore deserves to be preserved in order to gain counter-fidelity or royalty.

Loyalty and Love
Loyalty is recognizing that everyone deserves to be loved at least to a certain degree, whether they or others believe it or not. Faithfulness or loyalty, for instance, is tantamount to loving them enough or to give someone a fair trial the very moment he or she engages into a lifetime commitment. Loving someone enough to try and help others understand how great love is being shown.

Winning Loyalty
In recognizing that everyone deserves to be loved, being able to forgive for most things, for example, instead of scolding a child who has just broken an expensive vase, knowing that the child already feels bad for breaking it, showing the child love with a hug and saying “it’s okay” is a sure way of establishing rapport and winning loyalty as well. Because, in the long run, your love for that child is more important than the vase.”

Loyal Opposition
Can an employee or a constituent be punished because he airs his stand against the company or government policies, procedures, and ordinances? Can one always be dictated what and what not to do in the workplace and the community? Can one be admonished and apprehended by not abiding with the rules? Can one, especially in the military, still consider an “Obey first before you complain policy?” If you do, good luck! You will die before your destined death arrives.

Have you encountered a boss, superior, and elected government official who runs the office by threatening the rank and file or ordinary citizen? If you do, sorry for you. You will surely work and be paid by the hour but not grow as a person. Blind obedience will surely become an accepted norm of behaviour. On the other hand, have you met a leader who listens and considers new ideas? You are so lucky for having him or her for the reason that he is accepting a loyal opposition. Whereby, both of you are heading towards the same direction. That is, progress—success—and in the long run, royalty.

Loyalty to your company
In business ethics, there is a so-called “inducing breach of contract.” This common malpractice takes place when an employee is unquestionably proficient and indispensable.

Be careful when you are being offered by another company – a competitor with a higher position and salary. You may just be set into their trap for a very simple reason: They don’t really need you in their company. The truth is, they just want to pull you out from your current employer and ruin your relationship with them.

Of course, the pirating party truly knows that you are a certain threat to their company’s progress and success. Once you’ve get enticed and grabbed the offer, then, that’s going to be a nightmare – the end of your career. Why? They would be giving you tasks you can’t manage and will surely be resulting to your premature termination. Now, the question is: Can you still go back to the company where you became disloyal? Definitely no! And therefore, your royalty has been set in jeopardy.

My words may not always be true to all but may be considered as the points of reflection and guidelines for future decision to be made. I did not say that you must stay where you started because there is always a greener pasture ahead of us. Just make sure, it is greener! Just see to it that loyalty will gain royalty!

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