The Migrants Rights Film Festival

The Migrants Rights Film Festival

In times of Covid19 global pandemic, migrants are the most affected. Canada has been recruiting migrant workers for over 120 years. Migrant workers were integral to the development of Canada. But also, Covid 19 exposed our dependency to migrant and immigrant labour. In March when seasonal agricultural workers were not allowed to come to Canada, Farmers and farm owners started to panic, aside from the farming, migrants pack fruits and vegetables, they work in meat plants and of course, grocery stores and restaurants. Covid has shown how Canada food security is dependent on migrant labour.

Between December 10 (International Human Rights Day) and December 18 (International Migrants Day), we will be having The Migrants Rights Film Festival, an event to commemorate the UN designated days. The Festival is a collaborative project of Migrante Alberta and AMexCal (Association of Mexicans in Calgary). The project is to highlight the stories of Migrants in Canada and honor the workers that provide food and services in our country.

We will be screening one film each evening followed by a panel discussion on the film/topic. The opening film is Migrants Dreams by award winning filmmaker Min Sook Lee on Thursday, December 10. She will also be in the panel conversation after the screening.

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