Golf Courses in AB now Open

Golf Courses in AB now Open

It is official! The golf courses in Alberta have received approval from the Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw to begin operations for the 2020 golf season. However, due to the current state of COVID-19 global pandemic, golfers will need to consistently follow the rules and guidelines stated by Hinshaw on the courses. The most significant of these guidelines being social distancing of at least two metres or six feet from other fellow golfers, as well as individuals needing to make significant efforts to regularly sanitize and maintain cleanliness.

Golf courses, though open, will need to abide by Alberta Health’s guidelines by adapting to the way they conduct their day-to-day operations such as the full closure of clubhouses, pro-shops, and restaurants. However, there will be some golf courses that will have food and drinks available for golfers on the go. It is also important to note that the booking and payment of tee times will be exclusively online for the time being to further prevent physical contact. From there, golfers will just need to arrive 10-20 minutes before their tee time and enjoy their round from there!

Changes on the course include holes being lifted with the cups being raised, sand rakes will be removed meaning an automatic free-drop for golfers finding themselves in that position, as well as no ball washers and benches to be used on the course. This will be the new normal for the time being and will definitely raise many spirits to be able to be outside and enjoy the weather. You may even save a few strokes with the new rules in place! Fore!

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