Victorious Visionaries

People, in almost every aspect and in all corners of the world, have to be united in one vision in order to firmly stand against the SELF.

Truly, no two individuals will be engaged in trouble if everyone has triumphantly conquered the war within-the war against one’s evil thoughts.

Truly, no two well-disciplined persons will get into a quarrelsome situation, simply because they are well-disciplined. They have been prepared to be deployed for a noble mission we called:

Truly, an individual person who coalesces with the other individuals is forming not just a crowd, but a group with a common vision.

Truly, Empowerment is the product of aligned vision.

Truly, COVID has taught me to reach out. I learned how to extend not just what I have, but who I really am.

From now on, I will bear in mind and I will promise to the community that, COVID will remain my leading values and philosophy. As a leader, I will be designing a Buddy Circle within a group which is composed of 19 members: no more, no less. This is what we are going to call: THE POWER OF 19 or the POWER OF THE ODD NUMBER!

Buddy Circle’s Head
Buddy Circle’s Deputy
Buddy Circle’s Scroll Keeper
Buddy Circle’s Chest Keeper
Buddy Circle’s Mouth or Umalohokan (P.R.O.)

The rest of the 14 members will be serving as arms and legs of the association. The entire group will then be called the COVID-19 COALITION.

This will become our WORLD: A small world – a manageable world. This is the process of DELIMITATION.

Truly, if every action is guided by a clear vision, guarded by noble thoughts, and inspired by the Almighty; then, our world will be filled with authentic harmony, joy, love and peace.

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