'Basketball vacation', Joey and golf buddies are smiling these days

'Basketball vacation', Joey and golf buddies are smiling these days

When I posted on FB about the news of Quebec’s plan to resume sports and outdoor activities and asked about what could be Alberta’s plan, my friends quickly commented that the province is not yet ready.

Marvin U. in Calgary said that Calgary is not ready for sure and Anna S. in Edmonton says the risk is too high. Claire M. was worried of the rising cases.
I share the same sentiment.
I’ll probably have the confidence once the vaccine is found and available to fight this novel coronavirus, the “invisible enemy”.

* * *

Philippine Sports Association (PSA) president Gary Perpetua has been receiving calls from members of the Pinoy basketball community.
You see, the April and May months are the peak of the basketball season but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are on “basketball vacation”.
This is the only kind of “vacation” basketeers will not like, lol.

After the regular work from Mondays to Fridays, Filipino basketball fans always look forward to the weekend because it is happy time. To some, this is also a very good excuse for the boys not to do the household chores, “kasi may PSA basketball”, lol.

It’s been “difficult” for the PSA members for the past weeks. You have to understand dear readers, that basketball is the No.1 sport of the Filipinos, thanks to a Canadian who invented this and the Americans for promoting it well in the Philippines.

The Philippines used to be a powerhouse in Asia and in Philippine basketball history, it had its best performance in the 1954 FIBA World Championship when they won the bronze in Rio de Janeiro. Carlos “Caloy” Loyzaga was the famous member of that team that included Francisco “Paking” Rabat. I had the honor to meet these basketball stars on separate occasions which I will cherish.

For years, the Crosstown Auto Centre through dealer-principal Joe Medina and coach Chester Tiongson has been a strong supporter of PSA basketball and other than being a corporate backer, Joe and Chester have forged friendship with the PSA officers and members.
So it is but natural for Gary to miss the members of the basketball community which has become his family too.
Let us continue to pray that this pandemic will be over soon.

* * *

Joey Mirones and his fellow Pinoy golfers are happy these days.
They have started hitting golf balls at the range and played some rounds at the Hunters Green Golf Club.
I am glad to know that you guys are back playing the sport you love.

Enjoy! And stay safe!

* * *

There’s nothing much to talk about the sports community these days.
In short, “sports vacation”. Candidly speaking, it has been a boring sports life. No games to watch at the school gyms.
What can we do eh?

I saw Connor McDavid’s exercise routines which he posted on Twitter. It was fun and easy to do.

I’ll probably keep following those exercises to keep my sanity these days.

Oh Covid 19, when will you ever go away.

We need our “sports life” back!

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