‘The Passing of Kobe Bryant’

‘The Passing of Kobe Bryant’

Sunday January 26, 2020 was just another routine day for Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. The two were up early and in attendance during a 7AM mass at Newport Beach’s ‘Our Lady Queen of Angels Church’. Kobe Bryant and his family are Catholic and it is noted that Kobe took his Catholic faith seriously. Just like any other mass, Kobe and his daughter received the Holy Communion and thereafter were on their way to Gianna’s basketball tournament. Kobe was known to commute by helicopter especially during his playing days in Los Angeles in order to not compromise the importance of family time as his family was a key priority in his life. Following the father-daughter duo’s attendance at mass, the two and seven others were on a helicopter headed to the ‘Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, CA’ which is a sporting facility encompassing a way of life called the Mamba Mentality. Kobe Bryant says this mentality entails, not necessarily seeking a result but about an individual’s approach in life as a whole. Continuing, mid-way through the commute, the helicopter crashed into a hillside in Calabasas, California, killing all nine on board. Furthermore, though there is no exact cause for the crash, many media outlets are saying that the weather and lack of visibility could have played a key factor in the accident. To get a sense of how foggy it was that day, the LA PD even ordered all of their helicopters to be grounded that day.

The world now mourns the life of Kobe Bryant. A 5-time NBA champion, 18-time All-Star, 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist, top 5 in NBA scoring all time, 2018 Oscar winner, a loving father and son, and a man of faith, Kobe Bryant died at the age of 41.
May those affected by this tragedy, especially the families, find the inner-strength and peace to get through this tough time. May the following rest in peace:

• Alyssa Altobelli, 14
• Keri Altobelli, 46
• John Altobelli, 56
• Gianna Bryant, 13
• Kobe Bryant, 41
• Payton Chester, 13
• Sarah Chester, 45
• Christina Mauser, 38
• Ara Zobayan, 50

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