The COPAA President Rolls The Red Carpet Over

The COPAA President Rolls The Red Carpet Over

(Mr. Jose “Jun” Angeles, the president of the Congress of the Philippine Associations of Alberta, as he welcomes all the attendees during the Gala Night in lieu with the celebration of the 121st Philippine Independence Day).

Good Evening and Welcome to 121st Philippine Independence Day Celebration. We are truly excited tonight because we are celebrating the month of June for the first time Philippine Heritage month proclaimed not only in Alberta but all over Canada for perpetuity.

We, at the Congress of the Philippine Associations of Alberta are proud to celebrate this occasion and share this wonderful news to our Filipino Community and to everyone in whatever race and color, affiliations otherwise this wonderful event. This is also a day to remember and to honor the heroes and martyrs, the unknown men and women who fought against tyranny and injustice depriving the Filipinos of Freedom for over 300 years. As president of COPAA, I salute the Officers and Members of the Congress of the Philippine Associations of Alberta for taking the initiative, commitment and leadership role in celebrating this annual anniversary of freedom, for nothing surpasses of love of country in renewing and strengthening the bond of

Grand Prize Winner

brotherhood and citizenship. One Nation One Spirit …that is what we continue to pledge ourselves every year we celebrate the anniversary and independence. When we share our rich cultural heritage, we exposed our fellow Albertans to the traditions and spirit of the Filipinos who contributed to the development of this rich and beautiful Province.

We need to continue the same sense of unity and purpose that our Filipino heroes and forefathers demonstrated during our national revolution of 1896. Keeping our faith with our forefathers can open the doors of our young and future generations to add to this legacy.

Tonight, lets celebrate and enjoy the festivities.

Let me first welcome our government officials who took the time and effort to celebrate with us.
• Honorable Amarjeet Sohi, MP of Edmonton Millwoods and the

Minister of Natural Resources and his wife.
• Our Consul General of Philippine Consulate in Calgary Honorable Gilberto Asuque and his wife Rosalie.

50-50 Winnner

• Kelly McCauley, Member of the Parliament from Edmonton West
• Honorable Kaycee Madu, the newly elected MLA of Edmonton Southwest and the Minister of Alberta Municipal Affairs
We also have with is from our greater community the presence of
• Jim Gibbon, Executive Director of Servus Edmonton Heritage Festival, the biggest event happening this year at Hawrelark Park August 3, 4 and 5.
• Celso Andrade, the President of the Philippine Business Society of Alberta (PBSA) and his officers

• Among us are the presence of Jun Aller and his wife Jean the Vice President of Philippine Radio Amateur (FREEDX) and their treasurer Jess Bilo and his wife Josie
• Totie Mendoza and his wife Estrel of the Quezonian Club of Edmonton
• Gaudy Gonzales, and his wife president of the Association of Batanguenos of Alberta

Raffle Draw Winners

• Ida Beltran Lucila and Jojo Lucila of the Philippine Arts Society, Ida being the columnist of the Alberta Filipino Journal
• Rolan Latorre and Jo-Ann Aguilar DJs of Himig Pinoy FM101.7
• Payman Parseyan, Press Secretary of the Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women Leela Aheer. Payman being the honorary member of the Congress of the Philippine Associations of Alberta.
• Lito Velasco, the Alberta Filipino Journal editor; columnists and writers.
• We have also the President and founder of Saranay Association Dr Josie Pallard and husband Rey recipient of 2019 Enverga Excellence Award for her Community Service

Raffle Draw Winners

• Memen Cochingco of Karilagan Dance Society President and Directress
• Attorneys Joseph and Katrina Angeles of Angeles Law Firm
• And of course, our advertisers, donors and supporters and friends which will be acknowledge later.

Thanks, and once again my sincerest welcome to each and everyone of you.
Enjoy the rest of the evening.

Congress of the Philippine Associations of Alberta (COPAA), Philippine Food Pavillion at the Servus Edmonton Heritage Festival, August 3, 4 and 5, are accepting volunteers . Contact Jun Angeles 780-916-7677 or Melanie at 780-993-5503. Also if you or any organization would like to participate at the entertainment, please let us know or call chairperson of entertainment, Memen Cochingco 780-709-2832. Please note entertainment is of cultural in nature.

Photos by Dario Juanillo |Alberta Filipino Journal

The Congress of The Philippine Associations of Alberta Leading The Community

The COPAA’S Internal Vice President, Lito Mendoza Velasco would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to all, who, despite their busy schedules, still chose to be present during Gala Night’s celebration last 8th of June 2019 at the Rivercree Resort in Edmonton.

With special thanks to the guest speakers, visitors, entertainers, volunteers, and the following sponsors who never hesitated to support and make this noble occasion as their calling or vocation:

List of Sponsors, Donors & Supporters:
Go Honda, Alberta Honda, Kia North, Alberta Medical Supplies and Quality Sleep Care, Servus Credit Union, Great Smile Family Dental, Loida Lumanlan Remax River City, Alberta Filipino Journal, Himig Pinoy FM 101.7 DJ Rolan Latorre & DJ Jo-Anne, Angeles Law Firm, Palabok House Restaurant, Crosstown Motors c/o Joe Medina, Servus Edmonton Heritage Festival c/o Jim Gibbon, Quickly Bubble Tea c/o Chester Tiongson, Liberal Party of Edmonton Millwoods, Rivercree Resort and Casino, Resty Reyes of Fly Friendly Travel, La Bello Aesthetics c/o Faye Sales, Philippine Business Society of Alberta (PBSA)

Soren Kierkegaard once said: “It is better to be a participator rather than spectator.” Meaning, our availability makes us a community. Our Presence truly contributes to enhance and regain the confidence of our clan. Sometimes, I would like to believe that ‘availability is better than ability!’ That, our mere presence is enough to build the community. That, our mere presence can even heal the broken-hearted. That, Our mere presence is touching each one’s heart and soul. In this connection, Let’s choose to be felt rather than being left! Live and let live!

Not everything that counts can be counted; and not everything that can be counted counts!
Our community needs us! We don’t have to be doing amazing things in order to be counted. I, you, we are all important! Please do participate in our upcoming events: The Filipino Fiesta, The Edmonton Heritage Festival, etc.

Remember, It’s I, It’s you, it’s us, who build community!

Thanks for being counted!

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