This Book is For you

This Book is For you
Chapter 10,11,12

Chapter 10: Game Over

What? Why? These questions have been going through my mind for the past few hours. The next day felt like a change. But here I am, confused, broken, torn apart and fallen. Yes, I know that we are not even a couple. I know that I do not even have a deep relationship with you. But it still hurts – to know that you are now happy with someone. I thought you were the one for me, but I guess I was wrong; you were not the person for me. Things are not the same anymore. It feels so different now that I know that I have already lost the battle; a battle between me and time. So, is this the price of being a coward? I am so stupid to not know that I really am. I dwell on two things that I have learned. It may be the right time to start a relationship with someone but you may be falling for the wrong person or perhaps it is the wrong time to start a relationship but the right person may be before you. I do not know which situation I find myself in but what I am sure of is that I loved you, but you never loved me.

Chapter 11: Carry On
“Move on.” A phrase that everyone says and what everyone believes in, after a break up. Maybe I should now believe in that too. I should move on and carry on. I need to focus on the things ahead of me and not on what is behind me. I need to focus on what the future awaits and not on the past that is already behind me. I need to “move on”, to get on with my life – a life without you. I will need to forget about all the things that happened and forget about my feelings for you. I know that it is hard, but it is never impossible. I know that it may have simply been a “crush” or just a “high school/teen love”. But still, I loved you. From the way you talk, the way you look at me, the way you laugh and the way you smile. I can never forget that, but I guess I have to. I need to. So I will carry on.

Chapter 12: Start Over
What do you do when you lose all your lives in a game? Say for example in a Mario game? Doesn’t it say, “Game Over”? And when that happens, you have to start over. Maybe love is like a game of Mario. Chances are given, and losses are taken. But because of that, we learn. That is why I learned so many things because of this love. Mistakes have been made and lessons are learned. The definition of the phrase, “move on” is “to progress”. That is exactly what I should do, to progress. I need to forget about all the things that happened in the past and start over. I will start over with a new life that will make me happy and not make me sad. I will move forward and not look back. I will start over because the game with you is over.

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