Hong Kong Airlines +852 inflight magazine is launched

Hong Kong Airlines +852 inflight magazine is launched
Airline will also launch “Truly Hong Kong” dishes on flights

[Hong Kong ▪ 4 December 2018] Hong Kong Airlines has partnered with world’s largest travel media company Ink to launch +852, its new inflight magazine. Aptly named after Hong Kong’s international calling code, +852 is truly Hong Kong and exudes the dynamic energy of Hong Kong Airlines and its home city. The bold and graphic look of +852 was also inspired by Hong Kong’s strong art and design culture, making this magazine unique amongst other inflight titles.

Mr George Liu, Hong Kong Airlines Chief Marketing Officer said: “New look, new feel, new +852 is here. Hong Kong Airlines is delighted to work with Ink to revamp our inflight magazine. It’s been a fun project and we are very happy with the outcome. +852 not only embodies Hong Kong Airlines’ values of Truly Hong Kong, Passion for Service and Delivering More, it also connects our passengers to the best of Hong Kong and beyond.”

Mr Michael Keating, Ink’s joint Chief Executive Officer said: “Hong Kong Airlines is the city’s fastest growing carrier and we’re delighted to be partnering with them to deliver an exciting new world-class magazine. +852 is unlike any other inflight magazine – from the name to the cover concept to the bold and thought-provoking content inside – something that passengers will read and remember.”

+852 magazine with crew
+852 magazine with Hong Kong view
At the event
Fish ball with instant noodle
New economy menu with crew
Toasting at launching event
Local style Economy Class menu
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