Great Smile Christmas Party

Great Smile Christmas Party

Bringing the bountiful blessings to the community is the external manifestation of benevolent love or charity. This fulfills the Messianic mission of the infant Jesus. Dr. Rod Montano, wife Jencet, and family have been known to witnessing and returning the blessings through their good intentions and deeds. They believe that a prayer without action is dead.

The Great Smile Dental Clinic wishes to greet everyone a Happy Holidays!

Doctor Rod Montano’s beloved wife Jencet Montano enjoys her gown while celebrating her natal day on the 18th of December 2018. Friends like Resty and Teri Reyes, Lydia Jimenez, Jun and Hermie Angeles and the rest of her friends are extending happiest birthday greetings to the celebrant. Long life and happiness be with you Jencet!

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