From the Desk of the Publisher

From the Desk of the Publisher

The year is ended with flying colours. But this time, we have successfully managed to be on the positive side despite the gloom and doom of the economy in Alberta. Thank you Lord for guiding us along the way, to continue our mission to serve the community by giving them unbiased news and reports, educational and entertaining columns and public announcements vital to the ever growing FILIPINO community.

To Lito Velasco our Editor-in-Chief, Melanie Angeles, our office administrator and manager, Lianne Angeles, our proofreader, Melanie (Lanie) Gomez our website and graphic designer, our journalists and columnists Mo Billacura and Nicky Gocuan, our new correspondent from Calgary, Salvador Granado, our regular columnists and contributors Ida Beltran-Lucila, Marjorie Carmona-Newman, Tito S. Venida, the Cereno Family, Mervin, Katrina and Kristian, Marco Luciano, Giselle General, Rosalyn Estoque, Perry Diaz, Januel Ibasco, Fr. Jhack Diaz, and Riana Torrejon. To all our contributing writers not mentioned, I cannot thank you enough for a job well done. I also wish to thank our photographers, Dario Juanillo and Noli Granado, Mark Destacamento our sales and advertising ( Business Manager).

Thank you to our advertisers who continue to support this paper to reach out to the Filipino community. Without you, the publication of this paper won’t be possible.

Further, this paper would not exist if not for the inspiration of Rosalinda Linsangan Natividad-Cantiveros of Winnipeg, who engaged her entire life in service to the Filipino community and to Rod and Ron Cantiveros, my mentors.

To my sons Michael and Mark Angeles, for the timely delivery of this paper month after month and lastly, to my wife Hermie for supporting me in these endeavours.

Let me wish EVERYONE, a Blessed Christmas and a Joyous New Year.

To God Be the Glory

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