Experiences you can get from discrimination: Humbling, Mumbling, Gambling.

Experiences you can get from discrimination: Humbling, Mumbling,  Gambling.

Can’t get over with the experience I and my kids had last night.

I and my kids were almost hit by a disrespectful born-canadian driver. Not only that, he yelled at me like a roaring lion: “You idiot! Go back to your Country!”

It was deeply a hurting experience for me and maybe, to any immigrant in this Country. There were three options that sparked in my mind and I applied the first: I tried to compose myself and just ignore him. However, he acted like a cork being pushed down on the water as he continued to insult me in my kid’s presence. So, I applied the second, I was mumbling by telling him: “Bro, I can’t go back to my Country. You know why? First, because of Canadians like you. We should teach you how to respect. Second, Canadians like you cannot manage your own Country.” He kept murmuring furiously. And I was supposed to apply my third option-Gambling. I told myself, I have to gamble now by retaliating to his rage. I was supposed to tell him: “Hey bro, do you want me to kill you in your own Country?” But because I was a man of good values, I still managed to control my emotion and re-applied the first option. Being meek and humble!

Lesson-learned: “Repay hatred with kindness.” Especially in front of the kids and most especially Christmas is just around the corner. Our Lord managed to humble Himself despite tribulations!

1. What will you do under this circumstance?
2. I know, the government has the program about discrimination and racism. How can they closely monitor and implement those policies and sanctions against those who are discriminating?
3. Is there a measuring stick as to how can racism, bullying, and discrimination be gauged/graded/rated? How can we prove verbal abuse in Court? Especially when there’s no witness!
4. If in case, I ran out of control and hurt the discriminators back; how long do I have to serve such action in jail?

By the way, there is always a reparation for every ruined values. He who understands must firmly stand. Fellow Filipinos, as the 2018 ends, racism and discrimination must also end.

Ang protektahan ang ating karapatan ay hindi kalabisan at kayabangan. Maging matapang hindi sa away; kundi sa pangangatwiran.

Oras na upang magsuportahan ng sa ganun, walang ibang lahi o indibidwal man ang sa atin ay tatampalasan. Mas mainam kesa tayo ay magbangayan,magpataasan, at magsiraan!

Magmahalan at matutong sa bawat-isa ay managutan! Iyan ang mensahe at diwa ng Kapaskuhan!
Maligayang Pasko at Isang Mapagpalayang Bagong Taon!

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