This Book is For You

This Book is For You

Chapter 7: Love…

Thoughts cross my mind as I ask myself why I still love you. I do not know why I still love a stranger like you. It may be because there is something different about you, something that is different from the others. Remember the day when we bumped into each other while walking in the school corridors? From the moment I looked at you and the way you said, “Thank you”, my heart melted. It seemed like my world stopped spinning and my heart started beating faster. That glance from your eyes made me realize what love is. Is this really what love means? Does love last? When relationships are expected to last, will the feelings I have for you right now remain? Is love all about being “open-minded”? Do our minds need to be willing to accept each other’s flaws and strengths? Is love all about being “valuable” to the one you care for? Do we need to treasure and cherish each other`s hearts? Or, is love all about being “encouraging”? Where two hearts are excited to be close to each other and be with each other for eternity? Love makes us all change. It certainly changed me. For me, this is probably for the better. However, can love grant me the courage to tell you how I really feel about you?

Chapter 8: The Swords of Time
The sound of the clock kills me every time I hear it. As the arrows of time move, every second, every minute and every hour, I think about you. “Too much love will kill you”, just like what the band, Queen, said. I do not know if that is right or wrong. But what I know is that I love you…so much. Here I am again, fighting the swords and arrows of time, but this time, I have a weapon – and that weapon is love. It is a love that is more powerful than any other. Yes, now, I have the courage to admit to you what I feel for you. I am willing to take the risk. My affections will either be accepted or rejected. This time, I know that I will win the war against the world around us – around you. Now that I have the courage to tell you how I really feel…I hope this is it. For me to get the prize, and that prize is you.

Chapter 9: Just a Friend
This is it. Flowers have been bought. Letters have been written. Hair is fixed. Clothes are ironed. Shoes are tied. The guitar is tuned. And most importantly, my heart is ready. My love, now that I have the courage to tell you, I have one more wish – and that is for you to say “yes”. All of that changed when I arrived at your house and beheld the scene with my own eyes. My heart was broken, and my life was ruined. All the efforts were thrown away when I saw another guy standing there, talking to your parents. Well-groomed with his car parked outside your house. Walking home in the rain, the flowers have been discarded. The letters have been torn apart. Clothes are wet. Hair is now a mess. As soon as I got home, I went straight to bed and started to cry. Indeed, it seems that time has won this fight.

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