Resources on Addiction Issues

Resources on Addiction Issues

Addiction is a challenge that affects many people in different ways, from the individual who is suffering from the addiction, as well as their loved ones. Regardless of the cause of the addiction and the specific challenges that are faced, there are many resources that can help provide support. Immediate, short-term and long-term types of support are usually needed and there is no shame in asking for help.

Below is a list of some of these resources:
1. Resources for Alcohol Addiction and Treatment: These resources provide a wide range of assistance ranging from residential programs where someone can be housed and provided with treatment, counselling, and more:
a. Last Door Edmonton Addiction Services: 1-855-910-6012
b. Our House Addiction Recovery Centre: 780-427-4291
c. Hope Mission Edmonton (Breakout Recovery Community for Men and Wellspring Recovery Community for Women) 780-422-2018
d. The Salvation Army Edmonton, Transformations Addictions Treatment Program: 780-429-4274

Resources for Eating Disorders: Unhealthy and addictive behaviour towards food and body image can result in harming one’s body, sense of self and relationships. Here are some resources that can help:
a. Alberta Health Services Eating Disorder Program: 780-407-6114
b. Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous: 780-443-6077
c. National Eating Disorder Information Centre: 1-866-633-4220

Self Help and Support Groups: For those who would like to seek help at their own pace, there are several groups that usually involve meetings with other people who are seeking to recover from the same challenges:
a. Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous:
b. Problem Gambling Resources Network: 780-461-1259
c. Alberta Gamblers Anonymous: 780-463-0892
d. QuitCore (smoking): 1-866-710-7848
e. Alcoholics Anonymous in Alberta: 780-424-5900

Support and information for Those Affected by Addictions: A parent, spouse, sibling, partner, friend, or child of someone who is suffering from addiction can experience different types of stress and hardships. Here are some resources to get help:
a. S – Anon International Family Group, for those affected by sexually addicted people. 587-921-1915
b. Parents Empowering Parents Society U Turn for Youth, a support group for youth wishing to quit drugs and alcohol. 780-463-7427
c. Alberta Health Services Addictions Helpline (24/ 7) 1-866-332-2322

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