Ang Larawan – A New Must-Watch

Ang Larawan – A New Must-Watch

Everyone! Get your calendars out and mark down the movie screening for “Ang Larawan” on December 7 and 9 at the Garneau theatre. “Ang Larawan” is the English subtitled film adaptation of Nick Joaquin’s—a National Artist for Literature—play “A Portrait of the Artist.” It tells the story of two sisters in financial struggle after their father, a high-profile painter named Don Lorenzo Marasigan, stops producing art after he falls ill. As many fight over his last piece of artwork, a self-portrait called, “The Artist and His Muse,” the sisters must make a decision over whether to sell the painting or keep it.

I am looking forward to watching this movie myself as I was touched to hear about all the dedication and hard work they put into making it. The whole cast rehearsed for a whole year, and “Ang Larawan” took almost five years to make. Overall, this was a risky and ambitious project, but they really believed in the story.

A notable statement made in an interview by Celeste Legaspi, one of the movie’s cast members and producers, was that it is their intention in making this movie a national legacy, especially for the younger generations of Filipinos who are beginning to lose or may have already lost ties to our past as Filipinos. Larawan will be a reminder to them of who we are together as a people, with our good traits such as our close-knit families, and bad traits like crab mentality.

Crazy Rich Asians was a crazy big win for Asians everywhere. According to Reuters, it was the first romantic comedy in almost three years to open with more than $20 million in the U.S. and Canada theatres.

Let’s continue this rising success for Asians by supporting more work with Asian representation. Not only will you be helping support movies with Asian representation on-screen, but the proceeds also help to fundraise for “Emma the Musical,” a play that speaks of the Filipino story during WW2. Two birds with one stone indeed.

And, who doesn’t love a good musical? It’ll be nice to have new ear worms to hum during the holidays while we cook our warm meals and stay in from the cold.

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