The First Three Chapters

The First Three Chapters

They say that love is like a bird that flies high in the sky above. Others say that love is like having coffee in the morning, because it brightens your day. Others say that love is like a game, a game that you really want to win because you want to get the prize, badly, and that is your loved one’s heart. Love is like a book…

Chapter One: A Capturer’s Heart
When you introduced yourself, you told me your name, but what I heard was, “you will be the one who will capture my heart”, and that I will be the one who will let you have it. Every time words come out from your mouth, I feel like I am under your spell – a spell that makes me fall in love with you. With every look you give me, my world starts to light up even though I never thought it would shine bright again.

Chapter Two: No Title
As the days pass by, my love for you becomes deeper and stronger and it seems like I am really attached to you. My feelings for you are becoming sweeter and it seems like not even the sweetest sugar can compare. With every smile that comes from your lips, every look that comes from your astonishing eyes, and every word that comes from your mouth, my day gets better.

Chapter Three: Day after Day
Damn, I’ve already fallen for you… I mean, my heart already fell for you. I do not even know if I can still fix this. I do not even know how I can stop this feeling. Should I even try to stop it? Maybe I shouldn’t… They say, that we should not try to stop our feelings because if we try to, we will never get the chance to do what we desire with that “loved one”. For now, I still do not want to confess my feelings for you and that is why I would just write how I feel for you. Maybe the day will come when I have enough courage to tell you, but for now, I just want to write what my heart is saying.

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