Premier Rachel Notley Praises Filipinos at Fiesta Filipino 2018 in Calgary

Premier Rachel Notley Praises Filipinos at Fiesta Filipino 2018 in Calgary

Fiesta Filipino 2018 in Calgary attracted over 40,000 spectators in a three day event from August 31 to September 2, 2018. The third annual fiesta celebration is considered one of the largest congregation of Filipinos and Filipino-Canadians in Alberta in the historic Olympic Plaza in Calgary. The three day event showcased traditional and modern Filipino dances and songs involving various community organizations in Alberta. One of the attractions of the fiesta were the various booths serving authentic Filipino food and drinks participated by different restaurants in Calgary. The participation of star-studded cast consisted of famous actresses and actor from Philippines, Bella Padilla, Yassi Pressman and Xiam Lim courtesy of ABS-CBN of the Philippines one of the reasons why Filipinos travelled to see this event.

The Fiesta also attracted the the main players in the political Alberta arena, the NDP party, the UCP Party, the Liberal Party and the Alberta Party. NDP Premier of Alberta , Rachel Notley delivered a powerful speech praising Filipinos, “the spirit of coming out and celebrating and how strong we are as a community”. “Today Alberta is home to the second largest Filipino population in Canada and I just want to say thank you for choosing Alberta. Thank you for making Alberta your home and thank you for making Alberta so much better as a result.” She then mentioned about the pipeline, ” we are going to continue to fight for the jobs that the pipeline is going to create and we are going to make sure that the pipeline gets built because that is what the people of this province deserve.”

Notley continued , ” today we are here to celebrate , your culture and your history.” The government of Alberta declared the month of June as the Philippine Heritage month. “it is about time because the first immigration of Philippine to Alberta was recorded in 1931, that’s 87 year of Filipinos contributing to this beautiful province and making it their own and making it better in the way you do each and every year.”

She repeatedly thanked Filipinos, “I just want to say thank you, thank you for making Alberta your home and thank you for making Alberta so much better as a result.”

“This is what makes Alberta great, coming together, sharing our customs, sharing our culture, sharing our music and our art and what makes us who we are. It is our diversity that makes us strong , that gives us the result that we all show each and everyday.” the Premier of Alberta continued to give accolades to the Filipinos and thank them of their great contributions Alberta.

Premier Rachel Notley delivering issues related to the oil & gas pipelines and the economy forecast for Alberta
Some of the 40,000 spectators that attended the 3 day fiesta event
Various Cultural Groups participating at the main stage of Olympic Plaza stage
Party leader of Stephen Mandel at the Fiesta Parade
L-R Letty Tria, Jimmy Fontanilla, Minister Amarjeet Sohi, Beth Aperocho-Fontanilla, Hermie Angeles and Alberta Filipino Journal Publisher, Jun Angeles.
Hon. Jason Kenney, Leader of United Conservative Party participating at the Fiesta Parade
(Photo from Deputy Premier’s office)
Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman graced the Fiesta with the Declaration of June as Philippine Heritage Month in Alberta. (Photo from Deputy Premier’s office)
(Photo from Deputy Premier’s office)
(Photo from Deputy Premier’s office)
Yassi Pressman with Hermie & Jun Angeles
Xiam Lim with Hermie Angeles & Puring Carlos
Bella Padilla in Calgary Fiesta Filipino with Publisher Jun Angeles, Hermie Angeles and Puring Carlos
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