CONVENIENCE: The Dictate of Our Conscience

CONVENIENCE: The Dictate of Our Conscience

Fly Friendly Travel and Tours is what it is
Its founders themselves are homoviators or travellers in life. Ten years ago, they used to book flights with numerous Travel and Tours Agencies. Despite being friendly, they had encountered travel agents, whose services did not meet their expectations. By there and then, they’d decided to solve the problem. They came up with the decision of putting up their own Travel and Tours’ Agency in order to offer a friendly, just, and fair services that the travellers deserve to receive and enjoy. Thereby, the Fly Friendly Travel and Tours came into being.

Fly Friendly Travel and Tours does what it does
For almost ten years, Fly Friendly has been flying passengers with ease and precision to and from Philippines—Canada and other parts of the Globe. Fly Friendly maintains its friendship and good connections to the owners, general managers, and staff of almost all the prestigious airlines that are flying from Canada to the Philippines and other countries of your destinations. It makes sure that every penny being spent by the passengers is compensated; because they firmly believe that money is not growing on trees.

Fly Friendly is a Friend of Nobody but of Everybody
There are no strangers; only friends we haven’t met yet. A socially responsible business treats everyone with respect and empathy. Attending to as well as satisfying the needs of clients is the nucleus of Fly Friendly Travel and Tour’s mission;while translating the needs into luxury is its bonus to the customers who patronize Fly Friendly regularly. A friendly character can always win a friend.

Fly Friendly Travel and Tours Solves Other’s Problems
Putting once feet in other’s shoes is one of the core values that this company is advocating. No problem is left unsolved through the help of its highly-professionally-oriented and most of all, friendly staff. More often than not, its president and CEO always ensure to keep abreast in solving their client’s problems. Regardless of the gravity and the locations where the problems occur.

Fly Safely and Happily With Fly Friendly!

Jerry Wang and Kevin Yu, Account Managers of China Southern Airlines paid Fly Friendly Travel and Tours’ Office a visit last September 14, 2018
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