There's a New Deacon in Town!

There's a New Deacon in Town!

In a solemn but joy-filled ceremony presided over by Archbishop Richard Smith, which took place at St. Joseph’s Basilica in downtown Edmonton on Saturday, August 11, Ramon Morales, finally achieved his dream of being ordained a deacon along with two other ordinandi.

Deacon Ramon was born on August 26, 1959 in Taytay Rizal, Philippines. He comes from a family of devout Catholics and is one of seven sons born to his parents. He attended a private Catholic high school and graduated at the University of Santo Tomas, which is considered the oldest and only Catholic university in the Philippines, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture. He worked overseas, in countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Singapore for over 15 years, before moving to Canada with his family in 2001 as landed immigrants.

Ramon is very active in the faith community, assisting in masses as an adult server at St. Agnes Catholic Church since 2003. He decided to apply for the Permanent Diaconate Formation and Study Program in 2013 and was accepted in 2014. After four years of dedication, perseverance, study and never faltering in his deep, abiding faith, Ramon completed his diaconal formation. At his ordination, he was supported by his loving wife, Elizabeth, his two sons, Franz and Marion and they were joined by more of his close friends who were proud and eager to celebrate this special day with him.

“I owe everything to God. With His grace and mercy, I was ordained a deacon in the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton,” says Deacon Ramon.

Congratulations to Deacon Ramon from his proud kababayans at the Alberta Filipino Journal.

Photos by Mon’s Couples for Christ family

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