Edmonton’s Annual Heritage Festival

Edmonton’s Annual Heritage Festival
The Peruvian Pavilion at Heritage Festival, August 4th, 2018.

The City of Edmonton’s atmosphere heightens every time the August long weekend comes around as heralds the arrival of the annual Heritage Festival. The Heritage Festival is one of the biggest events of the summer here in Edmonton as a numerous amount of people from around the city gather together at William Hawrelak Park and indulge in mouth-watering deliciousness and refreshing beverages. The Heritage Festival started in 1974 and has been a recurring tradition ever since to celebrate the cultural diversity in the great provinceof Alberta. If you haveyet to travel the world but have always wanted to, attending the Heritage Festival is a good place to start as it gives one the opportunity to venture into the pavilions of many countries and taste unique dishes not traditionally servedhere in Alberta. Moreover, the festival is a great time and place to relax with friends and family to enjoy the different cuisines of the world while also taking in the beautiful scenery of the park.

During the Heritage Festival this month, I had the opportunity to enjoy the festival in a different light. Instead of being a spectator and going around the park, I was working behind the scenes of the Peruvian Pavilion which involved helping prepare food, setting up tables, and interacting with customers. Furthermore, during this experience I learned that running a pavilion takes months of preparation and dedication to successfully execute the goal of wonderful food, excellent service, and an increased appreciation and awareness of the many beautiful countries the world has to offer. By the same token, I am very thankful that I was apart of this year’s Heritage Festival as it was an experience that was very special for me. I hope to be involved in it for years to come. Meeting new people, trying some unique food, and fellowship is what the Heritage Festival is all about. Happy Summer Everyone!

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