What You Were, What We Were

What You Were, What We Were

I still remember the days when we were so happy together. Your smiles truly lighten up my world. With every glance by your eyes, the world around me stops. With every kiss from your lips, my heartbeat seems to be racing because of my mixed emotions of nerves and happiness. Every time I hold your hand, it feels like heaven. From each “I love you”, that you say, what I hear is an angel’s voice. All of that disappeared when you changed…

Every second, I remember what you were –what we were. It seems that everything about you has changed: your smiles, your looks, your moves and your kisses. Moments we share are now just memories. Feelings that used to be there have changed or may have disappeared. I remember the moment we held hands in the dark and when we played in the rain. Once, we laid on the grass to watch the stars shining in the sky. Remember that moment when we slept under a mango tree? And the moment we kissed under the lights on the road? All of those things will never happen again because you’ve changed, and we can never go back to those times anymore. Those times make me smile every time I remember them. These are moments I cannot forget because they are already carved in my heart and in my mind. We were already happy but you changed.

Sometimes I wonder why you changed. Was it because I did so you were forced to? We made a promise to each other that nothing will change because we were already happy with what we had. Did you change because you already love someone else? We made a promise to each other that you would only give your all to me and I would give my all to you. Did you change because I hurt you? I am truly sorry if I hurt you. I am so stupid to have hurt someone who loves me honestly. Sometimes I ask myself if you truly loved me. I noticed that there were times when you would act differently when you were with me.

There were times when you did not talk to me because you were always on your phone. When I was with you, I just wanted you – you alone; I just wanted your full attention. Did you change because you do not want me anymore? Do you still love me? Do you still want what we had? If you don’t, please tell me because I do not want to look stupid. If your answer is yes, and that you still want what we had, prove it. Prove that you truly love me. Prove that you are happy with me and not just with other people. Dear, please, come back to me because it still warms my heart when I’m with you. I miss the sweetness of your smiles and the sweetness of your kisses. I miss your eyes as if they were bright stars that shine brightly in the sky. I miss you – I miss the old you. I love you. I want to go back and play under the rain, lie down on the grass and watch the stars. Please come back.

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