COPAA president, QSC co-founder praise Kababayans’ work on Heritage Month declaration in Alberta Province

COPAA president, QSC co-founder praise Kababayans’ work on Heritage Month declaration in Alberta Province
Photo by Moses Billacura | Alberta Filipino Journal

COPAA president Jun Angeles and Quality Sleep Care Group of Companies co-founder Kris Salumbides jointly lauded the efforts of the Filipino community for the work they did that led to the declaration of June as “Philippine Heritage Month” in Alberta Province.

“It is through their initiative that we now have Philippine Heritage Month in Alberta,” said Angeles, who for years has been establishing Filipino organizations and handing it over to young leaders to continue their volunteer work for the community.

Salumbides said that proclamation is historical for Filipino-Albertans who have contributed to the development of the province for generations.

Salumbides used to work for Alberta Health Services and decided to go into business with his partners by establishing Quality Sleep Care and Alberta Medical Supplies in 2015, which started with just three employees and now employs around 50 Albertans at their Edmonton and Calgary branches. In 2017, Salumbides and his partners established the first Filipino medical clinic, Medicus Family Health Clinic and Pharmacy in Edmonton.

Filipino organizations petitioned the Alberta government in February to recognize June as “Heritage Month” for Filipinos and after undergoing the usual process, Premier Rachel Notley and Lt. Governor Lois Mitchell signed the proclamation which was announced by their representatives at Filipino events in Edmonton and Calgary to the cheers of Filipino-Albertans.

“Alberta is the proud home to the second-largest Filipino population in the country. For decades, Filipinos have enriched our province with their culture, their languages and their skills. I wish all people of Filipino descent a joyous Philippine Heritage Month, and I hope all Albertans share in the festivities,” said Premier Rachel Notley in a statement.

Statistics Canada stated that Alberta is home to 175,130 Filipinos with Calgary as home to the fourth largest Pinoy community in Canada and Edmonton has a growing population of 64,275. Tagalog is the second-most spoken non-official language in the province.

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