What are the Cost Associated for Your APEGA License?

What are the Cost Associated for Your APEGA License?

Applying for your Engineering License in Alberta if you are Internationally Educated has associated cost. Below is the flowchart of the entire application process. This was published before in the previous issue of the Alberta Filipino Journal. In every step, there is always financial cost that you need to pay for different agencies and the process of obtaining and sending such documents.

The amount of registration and evaluation for your documents are obtained directly from the website of the organization. Other miscellaneous cost for you to complete the process are also estimated so that you have an accurate figure of the total amount. I presented the process in chronological order in tabulated form so that it will be clearer for those who are interested of following the flowchart as presented above.

The amount presented above are accurate as of writing of this article. Take note that this is not a one-time payment that you need to pay. You must understand the entire procedure so that you can plan also your finances. Again, you must take the first step and bite the bullet. Look not on the cost but on the result that will benefitted you for a lifetime. Act now and be part the Canadian Engineering Work Force and Help Building this Country a best place for our Children’s children generation.

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