The Learning Table with Bamboo

The Learning Table with Bamboo

The Philippine Arts Council, in cooperation with Annie Chua-Frith, held another Learning Table event, this time with singer/songwriter and rock icon Bamboo, on May 7, 2018 after a successful and jam-packed concert the night before.

The Learning Table is a series of workshops and round table discussions involving performing arts students/artists with established local and visiting performers/artists/creatives. This series provides an opportunity for young learners to gain knowledge from experienced and established artists, paving the way for a more enriching career in their chosen art, and allowing them to connect with veteran artists/creatives and their works on Philippine art and culture, thereby expanding their cultural awareness. This Learning Table with Bamboo is the 3rd of the series, with the previous ones with The Dawn and Ely Buendia.

Much of the flow of a Learning Table depends on the artist’s disposition and temperament. Bamboo was the embodiment of the ideal resource person. He was candid, approachable, engaging, humble and generous. Upon his arrival at Max’s Restaurant, he immediately sat at the students’ table and engaged them in conversation that one child had to ask, “Are you Bamboo?” And they came loaded with questions, some of them doing their research prior to participating in The Learning Table. The discussion topics covered a wide range – i.e. how and why he was named Bamboo; his experience in learning Tagalog; his beginnings in music; what “Noypi” meant to him; what is “214” about; judging in The Voice; favorite basketball player. Nothing was off limits. In return, the young participants were candid and relaxed. Bamboo remembered their names, asked individual questions and exerted extra effort in getting to know them. There was also an exhibition of taekwondo skills, and an impromptu duet.

Participants went home inspired and rejuvenated. Bamboo may not realize it, but for some of them, their time with him was pivotal. What a privilege and blessing for him to be simultaneously the gift and the giver of hope and inspiration to fulfill their dreams.

The next Learning Table event is on May 27, 2018, a Sneak Peek of Emma the Musical and Q & A with the production team. For more information and to register, go to

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