Prayerful Easter greetings!

Prayerful Easter greetings!

Words of Eternal Life
Fr. Nilo Belvis Macapinlac

My dear friends in the Christian world;

Prayerful Easter greetings!

Let us join the entire Christian world to celebrate with joy our new day, the day of Christ’s victory, the Easter Resurrection. Easter is the highest feast of the Church. St. Paul to the Gentiles reminds us that if Christ is not resurrected from the dead, then our preaching and proclamation of the Gospel is futile and in vain. Christ is indeed truly resurrected from the dead, victorious and ever glorious, alive forever more!

Death had been swallowed up to victory. The great apostle Paul reminded his faith community as he exclaimed with joyful proclamation: “O death where is your victory, O death where is your sting, now that Jesus has been resurrected from the dead?!” The victory of Christ is victory for all believers. This is the fruit of the magnitude of God’s love for us who never spared to sacrifice His Only Begotten Son, Jesus that whoever believes in Him may not perish but have an everlasting life. (cf. John 3:16). The LOVE crucified will never die! Love indeed is eternal.

Christ, the Lamb of God, once slain but dies no more! Let us walk the talk and apply the fruits of His redeeming love to our lives and share it to others especially those who are in dire need of His love, compassion and mercy. Christ is our Divine Mercy to whom I commend those who are dying and those who died unprepared and without any spiritual preparation. Life is too short, eternity is without end. Regret comes last and so let us live the Christian life worthy of our calling for the day is coming like the thief and we don’t know when it comes. Let us allow ourselves to be enveloped by God’s love and be anointed by His Divine Mercy.

Next Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday, and I invite you to pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy and meditate upon the very source of mercy: God, who is rich in mercy. Let us put into action the mercy of the Lord. We have compassion for Him as it should be reflected in living the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. I encourage you all to practice our faith that produces God’s mercy.

St. Augustine reminds us that Mercy is the greatest of all attributes of the Lord for without it we would not be brought to salvation through His Cross. Let us strengthen our confidence and trust in Him as the secretary apostle of Divine Mercy, St. Faustina Kowaslka attests: which means JESUS I TRUST IN YOU. Total trust even exposes all secrets to the beloved and so at the tribunal of justice and mercy, Christ awaits all of us.

The Sacrament of Confession is the pre-requisite to celebrate this Divine Mercy Sunday. We already have the avenues: Day of Confession, Penitential Service with Individual Penance and Confessions before Mass.

Jesus revealed a deep secret, that we may become anew like an infant newly baptized before our loving Creator. Please don’t waste this God-given privilege and providence. Apply now the merits of His merciful passion and His passion for mercy for your soul.

May the Resurrected Christ smile upon you on this Octave of Easter and lift you up in all your struggles and difficulties in life. Believe Him, Trust in Him, Love Him. For truly He will enrich you with heavenly blessings! Have a Blessed Easter! In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus wounded out of love for us, let us place our confidence in Him. Amen

Yours sincerely in the Divine Mercy,
Fr. NiloMacapinlac, Pastor

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