Letters to The Editor: Tell Your Life’s Tales

Letters to The Editor: Tell Your Life’s Tales

This Column invites everyone to connect with others as well as with life’s purpose in the society. Here, your unique identity will surely be acknowledged; your perspective will definitely be respected; your voice will precisely be heard; and you as you are will be loved. This also intends to encourage others impart the lessons-learned and invite them to tell their tales as the daily outlet of personal life’s toxins.

Hello my Brother Lito,
It was a blessings and God’s plan to meet you last night with the good hearts kababayan at spiral vistro and tfc restaurant.

Want to send you our church activities, address and ministries. Thank you very much and you may edit and correct, I appreciate so much.

In Christ,

Welcome : “ Anglican Network – Holy Trinity [Filipino] Edmonton”
Church address:
10162 152 ST NW Edm. AB
Worship Service:
Every Sunday Afternoon: 2: 30 pm to 4: 30 pm
Free coffee and snacks after service.
Priest in charge – Rev. Crims Robert Gomowad
Email: anchtfil@gmail.com

Youth Ministry
Youth Ministries is the youth group at ANiC- Holy Trinity [Filipino]. Our mission is to see our young people inspired, nurtured, and discipled towards a greater relationship with Jesus and their world. We meet regularly throughout the year for Friday Evening bible studies, choir practise and on Sunday afternoon for worship service.

The youth ministry at ANiC – Holy Trinity are with music volunteer teacher, Brother Jay Galutan along with Linda – the Youth Ministry adviser. Together we seek to create a Christ centered environment that is Trustworthy, Honouring, Radiant, Intent, Vibrant, and Engaging.

Sunday School for Children Ministry!
The Sunday School at ANiC- Holy Trinity is for children aged 4-6 (pre-school) and 7-12 years. It is an interactive place of both learning and fun. Our Volunteer teachers, Cathrine & Shirley use creative methods to minister to all the children, bringing elements of liturgy and age appropriate lessons to life. There is a rotation of qualified teachers, but more are always welcome!

Welcome everybody!


Humble Dreams, Debt-Free Living

I am a Cameguinian “Amapola,” married to a Sorsogonian. Giving up my job at Cagayan De Oro Provincial Hospital to join Pete at his capital Province where he worked as C.E. with the provincial government. We have 2 sons, Ian & Ivan, we were happy and contented with our life eating boiled banana and tuyo, when our country became chaotic, rebels were everywhere.

I asked my 2 sisters in Montreal who were practicing their profession to sponsor my family of 4, three months later we landed in Montreal. Our profession were stalled; we moved to Toronto, stayed over two years, then moved here in Edmonton, this is it, our own kind of town.

For 19 years we rented city owned house, 3x cheaper. Pete worked with the Alberta Government, I worked 12hrs/day in two different nursing homes, and kept saving so we can buy our “mansion” (just kidding).

Our dimes saved was a little bit short, so we borrowed few housand dollars from the bank to buy this ancient but strongly built “bahay kubo” by “Beverly Hills” (Norwood area). In a year we paid it all back full, when Pete took his early retirement package. Yupee, we were debt free.

Eight years living debt free, I started feeling sick, I ignored it for 7 months, when a saintly robed figure, appeared in my dream telling me “Go for mammogram waving 3 times his arms.” I did booked for it. After biopsy, I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer.

Mastectomy done, chemotherapy followed for 6 months, one each month. I quit my job, did not claim U.I.

Pete assured me, we will manage since no mortgage to pay, and we have been practicing “bulk buying groceries.” He added, “Just don’t go shopping spree.” I laughed so hard, holding my balding head. Thanking God for the warning, I am still here.

Lately though, I frequented E.R. difficulty breathing, diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Once admitted, a kindly blond nurse asked me “What’s your secret for not having a single line in your 100 year old face?” I replied “Oh! Just enjoying a debt free living,” and besides that “the Donald” guy, he is my cousin.” We both ended up holding our tummy, and misty eyed, laughing.

by Nora Villafuerte
11506-93 street, Edmonton, Alberta

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