Forward March in March 2018

Forward March in March 2018

Few yet worth-observing about March are the significant celebrations or events that you, your family, and the society can use as inspirations for learning more about the challenges of life with equanimity. It is the month you can explore and search about great concepts, ideals and ideologies, philanthropy, historical facts, entertainments, and organizing.

You can proceed with ease and precision to whatever exploration when you are well-equipped with the proper, salient knowledge and skills about reviewing the relevant facts and backgrounds of the particular endeavour you aimed to achieve. For instance, a society can always be transformed by a single philanthropic act. Transformation as well as reformation takes place when channelled through friends, local organizations, schools, and even in the workplace. You might plan to organize worthwhile activities involving and coordinating with them.

Historically Relevant facts and events being festively commemorated until this time happening in March, to name a few, are the following:
• World Book Day (March 5)
• International Women’s Day (March 8)
• St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)
• International Earth Day (March 20)
• Make up your Holiday Day (March 26)
• I am in Control Day (March 30)
• National Ethics Month
• National Foreign Language Month
• Power of Positive Thinking Month
• National Nutrition Month
• National Kidney Month
• Honour Society Awareness Month

Inevitably, people,from any walk of life, have to move deliberately. Fill their calendars with activities and appointments. Because of that, they are called homoviators or a traveller in life. To recognize and be recognized are innate in man. To guide and be guided, to form and be transformed or reformed, to respect and be respected, to lead and be led, are man’s primordial privileges, rights, and duties. The events and activities mentioned above, which the present generations are enjoying, were once being organized by the philanthropists. These were the fruits if their labours.

Can we do the same?

We now discover the answer: It’s a Yes!

Just help and support one another. Develop a positive crab mentality. Translate our weaknesses into strengths. Be collaborative and pro-active rather than reactive. Promote rather than demote. Build and organize rather than ruin and disorganize.

March 2018 in Alberta is a Promotion Month. We do introduce and in the process of promoting, appealing for group and individual’s support to bring into the legislature the proposition that the Philippine Heritage Month be legally declared and celebrated yearly in the month of June.

March 2018 is also a promotion month for the Philippine Media Association of Alberta. I aims to consolidate the Filipino Media Enthusiasts and Practitioners in this province.

March is again a month to recognize our old and newly discovered young writers Kristian Cereno, Katrina Cereno, Julia Isabel San Agustin, Riana Torrejon, and Januel Cedrick Ibasco. Welcome to Alberta Filipino Journal!

Let’s all take a forward march in March 2018!

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