The Camping Adventure

The Camping Adventure
Julia Isabel San Agustin
9 years old
Avid and dedicated writer
Proud parents – Dr & Mrs San Agustin

Do you think camping is boring? I sure do. Well, at least I used to. I experienced something that rarely happens to an ordinary person. Here’s my story. You’ll get me when you read it but you really need to prepare yourselves, because this REALLY did happen tome! So, if you don’t believe me, you might want to run away screaming in fear. Please, just let me tell you the story.

“Wake up! Wake up!” shouted my little sister, Lily. She has bushy blonde pigtails and a jumpy personality. You’re expecting me to find her annoying, right? NOT! I love Lily and she loves me too.
“The camping trip is today!”Lily urged, shaking me while I moaned unhappily in my cozy bed.
“Fine,” I grumbled. “Listen, Lily, big sissy doesn’t like camping trips. But I’ll go if it makes you happy!” I grinned, tickling her under her armpits.

Lily laughed uncontrollably. “Stop!” she squealed. I stopped tickling her and told her that I would be downstairs after I got dressed. Lily nodded and joyfully skipped down the stairs. She waited obediently for me before eating her cereal.

I got out of bed, stretching like a lazy bear. I made my bed, then got dressed into clothes fit for adventuring! I put on a soldier-related shirt that would help me blend into the wild and light pink,spotted jeans that would keep me warm. I ran downstairs, hoping that I didn’t keep Lily too long from eating her Frosted Flakes.

“Let’s eat!” I announced, nodding at Lily who was already gobbling down her cereal.
Lily and I munched our breakfast down, then we helped Mum and Dad out with the bags. We both hopped into the car and buckled up just as soon as Mum and Dad were finished loading the car.
“Let’s go!” exclaimed Dad.

Dad drove past grassy plains that stretched as far as the eye could see. Clumsy cows and hungry horses grazed on the fresh grass that went on and on and on. My little sister was playing on my phone, while I stared at the beauty of nature through the window. I knew that the woods would be even MORE beautiful than this, making me more eager than before.

“Hey, Lily, look at the strong horses and large cows in the plains. They’re beautiful!”I told Lily.
Lily glanced away from my phone and looked at the animals.Suddenly, she put down my phone. “Sissy, you’re right! Mum, Dad! Look at the horses and cows outside!”she giggled, realizing that she should have seen this sooner.

“Hey there, sleepy head. We’ve arrived at the jungle!”Dad joked,trying to wake me up.
“Huh? Already?” I moaned as if I was still in my bed back home.
“DUH! Look! Daddy made the tents and the campfire while you were sleeping!”Lily rolled her eyes at me.

“Oh, sorry,” I apologized, feeling like Lily was the grown up here. I got up from my seat, then stretched like a grumpy bear, like always. I walked over to one of the logs, sat down and held my hands over the warm fire. “Nice! Makes me feel like I’m at home.”

“Hey everyone,look at the calm river,”said Mum. She pointed over to a blue flowing river over in her direction. “Let’s go on a camping adventure! Or in other words, a walk,”she explained.
We all walked towards the river then followed a gravel path.

“This is fun!” Lily said as she skipped along.
“Refreshing too! Makes me feel like an athlete!”I added.
“Watch out!”screamed Mum as I suddenly slipped and fell into the flowing river, which carried me away from my precious family.

I paddled like a dog for my life! Everything seemed like it was going in slow motion. Then,I sank to the bottom.

“Is she ok?” inquired a voice.
“Yeah. Just resting,”answered another.
I got up, wobbling, to take a better look at the people who saved my life. Instead of ordinary people, they were short, talking gummy bears!

l screamed, covering my face as I cowardly shook in great fear.
“Don’t, worry. We won’t hurt you”said a blue gummy bear.
“Yeah! If we were evil, we would have eaten you by now!” laughed a pink gummy bear.
I opened my eyes,realizing that they were friendly.
“Listen, I really need to get back home. What is this place anyway?” I asked, looking around the room.

“Currently,you are in Gummy World. Everything is made out of gummies. Not all citizens are gummy bears though!”answered the blue gummy bear wisely. “I am Blue, and this is Pink! I know,we don’t have interesting names,” Blue laughed, looking down at the floor.
“Nice to meet you!”greeted Pink.
“How did I get here?” I asked again, still confused.
“The secret entrance to Gummy World is the river that you accidentally fell into. You can visit anytime you want now!” Blue said welcomingly. “If you want to know more, follow me and Pink, please.”

I followed Pink and Blue out of the room and found that just as Blue said,not all citizens of Gummy World were gummy bears.

Pink and Blue led me to a grand gummy palace where gummy citizens were waltzing around in the ballroom. Soon, we were in a fancy room with a high ceiling.
Pink pressed a button and told me,”This is the way back home. We accept any human visitors, so please visit us again WITH your family! I’m sure the citizens of Gummy World would be entertained by the looks of humans,”giggled Pink.

I thanked Pink and Blue and stared in disbelief of what was hovering right in front of me. There was a blue and pink swirly portal!
“Goodbye!” I called to Pink and Blue.
“Goodbye! Don’t forget to visit again!”said Blue and Pink at the same time. I hopped into the portal, but I was prepared for what was coming my way.
“Goodness gracious! Is Julia ok?” sobbed Mum.
“Mum? Dad? Lily? Is that you?” I asked, trying to look around AGAIN.

Everything was blurry but after a little while, I could see my family looking at me with worried faces.

“Sis, I’m so glad you’re ok!” huffed Lily, looking happy that I was alive.
“Of course I am. I would never leave MY family,” I smiled smugly,knowing that Mum was going to give me all types of love and treats for my little accident. But, I decided that I would give some sweets to my little sister too.

Mum assured me the entire way back to the campsite that I was going to be alright, and,just as I suspected,she gave me all the love and treats.

Oops! Don’t forget! I gave some sweets to Lily too.

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