Joseph Duenas: Driven by his faith.

Joseph Duenas: Driven by his faith.
Filipinos Success’ Stories:
Kaya Ko; Kaya Mo!
If I can; You surely can!

AFJ: What was your dream job as a child?
Joseph: I didn’t really have a dream job when I was a child. Although, when I finished my elementary years, I thought I was being called to be a priest. I was raised and educated by Don Bosco Salesians. I studied in Don Bosco, Mandaluyong, Philippines from Prep until I finished my Engineering Degree at the same school in 1983. I entered the seminary for a month when I finished Grade 6, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I ended up finishing my Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering Degree.

AFJ: What is your career path like?
Joseph: Right after I graduated, I became a teacher at AMA Computer College, teaching Computer courses, BASIC, DOS, and Fortran to name a few. At that time, there was a boom in working with computers and AMA Computer College was one of the few new schools specializing in Computer Science. After teaching for more than 2 years, I arrived in Canada in May 1986. Since arriving, I have held progressive positions in the field of Information Technology. I became a Canadian Regional Infrastructure Manager for IKON Office Solutions (now Ricoh Canada) from 1995 to 2006, Network and Operations Manager at EPCOR from 2009 to 2011, and at present a Technical Consultant.

AFJ: Did you have a goal in mind, or did things fall into place?
Joseph: My goal in mind just fell into place. I am thankful that things have been going well for me as I have also been providing a good life for my family, especially for my kids. And now, grandkids. Information Technology has been my bread and butter field of work and I can say I have applied my technical skills and spirituality being a graduate of Don Bosco Technical College.

AFJ: Were there struggles you had to overcome? Barriers in culture or language?
Joseph: No barriers in culture or language. I didn’t have any issues with all the companies I worked for and clients I had to deal with.

AFJ: Was there schooling you had to take, etc.?
Joseph: In the field of Information technology, one has to constantly upgrade his technical skills. I have my designations as Microsoft Professional, Certified Novel Engineer, Six Sigma, CompTIA. I also attend a lot of webinars and computer vendor sponsored trainings.

AFJ: How did you decide to come to Canada?
Joseph: Since I was young, I knew that I wanted to travel. And I always favoured Canada over the US, if given the chance. The reason is perhaps due to all my aunts and uncles who migrated all lived in Canada and the stories they told about the quality of life they enjoyed here in Canada. From then on, I aimed and dreamed about living in this country.

AFJ: What advice would you give to your younger self?
Joseph: Do not forget your roots. For me, being raised by Don Bosco Salesians, I apply the Order’s ideals and principles to my daily life. Always put Christ in the centre of your life. Be a good and kind person and always do good at what you do. Leaders are made and not born.

Worth mentioning about Joseph Dueñas: His Biography and Achievements.
His Life:
Born November 10, 1961 in Manila Philippines.
Father: Gerardo Duenas, deceased
Mother: Leticia Duenas, deceased
Siblings: One sister (Aline Duenas, Pharmacy Tech at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Edmonton) and One brother (John Duenas, Doctor of Medicine in the Philippines)
Married to Divina Ladores Duenas (34th Wedding Anniversary this coming Dec 27 , 2020)
Children: Jeff Lester Duenas (Financial Advisor at Royal Bank) and Jodie Duenas (Catholic School Board Teacher)
Two Grandkids (twins) from Jeff Duenas and Lyndsey Duenas – Francis and Henry Duenas

His Achievements:
• District Deputy, Knights of Columbus Alberta and NWT State Council (In-charge of 6 Councils in CY 2019-2020 and 5 Councils in CY 2020-2021);
• Second Year Term Received District Deputy of the Year Award Columbian Year 2019-2020. Chosen by State Deputy out of 32 District Deputies in the State of Alberta and NWT.
• Received New Council Development Award Columbian Year 2019-2020 for the formation of a New Knights of Columbus Council in Edmonton, AB.
• State Technology Chairman 2012-Present, Knights of Columbus Alberta and NWT State Council;
• Faithful Navigator, Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree, St Michael Assembly 2015 – 2017;
• Grand Knight, Knights of Columbus Nazareno Council 2010-2011 (10th Year Anniversary Council Grand Knight);
• Charter Member, Knights of Columbus, Nazareno Council, 2001 Chairman of Various Religious and Fundraising Activities for Corpus Christi Church, St Theresa’s Church, Knights of Columbus Nazareno Council and St Michael Assembly;
• Recipient of Community Service Award – Adult, 14th Hiyas Award, 2011 Karilagan Dance Society on their 40th Anniversary;
• Vice President, Edmonton 2001 Charitable Society 2016 – Present
• Leo Club Advisor, Edmonton Filipino Lions Club International, 2001-2002
• Vice President, Edmonton Filipino Lions Club, 2002-2003

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