‘Quarantine Queues’

‘Quarantine Queues’

During this time, I am sure many of you, like myself, are experiencing a plethora of emotions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic which began in mid-March. It is completely ordinary to feel fear, sadness, anxiety, confusion, boredom, and overall uncertainty during these unprecedented times. However, despite many of us wanting to go out and enjoy our regular routines again, we must acknowledge this new routine the Federal Government of Canada has called upon us to practice, and that is to stay home. I know that this is difficult for many of us, but right now, we need to think of others that are experiencing the grueling agony of the Corona Virus and do our part to flatten the curve for overall cases in the world. Staying home during this time can truly save lives. This is not to say that you cannot leave your home at all times, but if you do, make sure to follow the recommended guidelines of social distancing yourselves of at least two metres from others and to only leave the home for necessary situations. For example, groceries and the occasional need for fresh air from time to time through a walk around the block or a quick jog.

With many of you now staying at home, I recommend three activities you can engage in during this time period to help pass the time, but also make use of this time through productivity.
1. Working (School/Employment/Development) – We can use this time to work remotely for the organizations we are currently working for, and perhaps get more done without that regular day to day commute time. This goes for students as well; we are able to do assignments and course work via the internet. Apart from work and school, we can work on ourselves in terms of personal development, whether that be through reading a book, listening to a podcast, or watching videos online about self-development!

2. Exercise / Meditation – I know many of us use the local gyms around the city to get our weekly workouts in. However, with many of us self-isolating, we must all make some effort to continue to take care of our mental and physical health. With limited equipment at home, it is best to do calisthenic exercises that do not require fitness equipment. For example, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, etc. Furthermore, you can easily find easy-to-do home workouts online. Yoga may also help in terms of meditating and trying to find relaxation during this stressful time.

3. Family Time / Personal Leisure Time – I believe that we will all get through this. There is no timeline for when will this end but during this period, I want each one of us to not take this time with our family for granted. Time is truly fleeting, and in the future when this pandemic blows over, I want all of us coming out of it with a new perspective on life. To not take the little things for granted, such as shaking a stranger’s hand, going to school, or going out to dinner. When will there ever be another time, to be with your family everyday in this fast-paced ever-changing world? Play those board games, watch those movies, have those family meals together, believe me, it is one of the true blessings many of us have during this time. And if you get sick of hanging out with the family too much, try some personal leisure alternatives. Maybe call some friends, binge-watch shows, or do something you have been putting off for a while now. We all say we don’t have enough time. Well here it is, use this time to better yourself.

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