Class of 2020

Class of 2020

When people start high school, they’re usually anxious, scared, and excited all at once. They finally get to experience the “high school life” that everyone seems to talk about. High school is the time where teenagers can be kids one last time; making stupid mistakes and learning from them while at the same time, creating some of the best memories they will experience. In the middle of high school, some students may feel stressed out and want high school to end sooner. However, once graduation day is right around the corner, they wouldn’t want high school to end; as for the class of 2020, high school ended much earlier than expected. Ironically, before schools were shut down, the majority of students wanted the school to end. Yet when schools shut down because of the pandemic, most of the students that resented school wanted school back and to be able to attend school in person, rather than through the screen. This shows that people take things for granted, and do not realize how much they will miss it once it’s gone. Every student that is graduating in June is aware of what is currently going on in the world, and how the pandemic of COVID-19 is affecting their education, as well as their graduation.

Many students are looking forward to walking across the stage on their graduation day and celebrating with their family and friends. As a senior in high school, I want nothing more than to make as many memories as I can in high school before entering the adult world. For a lot of people, graduating from high school is an achievement. High school takes a lot of time, effort, and motivation; however, it is one of the best experiences one can picture. The Class of 2020 is upset and disappointed over the fact that the students won’t get to experience things such as planning and performing a senior prank, walking across the stage in June, and having a senior prom/banquet. These little things are the small bits that will complete the ultimate high school experience. Given that high school only comes around once, the class of 2020 will never get to experience them the way they should. As a senior in high school, I can agree that this pandemic is ruining our last year of high school, and the ability to physically get help from teachers rather than through emails. Moreover, because the schools shut down without any warnings, the adjustments students and teachers had to make were drastic. In fact, teachers are still figuring things out as to how things such as quizzes and exams will work. As for the students, they are having troubles adjusting to the new system of online learning.

Therefore, for the class of 2020 to at least walk on stage, to have classes go back to normal, and for everyone to have the summer that they planned with their families and friends, everyone should take precautions and try to stay home as much as possible. If someone decides to go outside for reasons such as buying groceries, they should always wear a mask. This will ensure not only your safety but everyone else’s. For everyone’s lives to go back to normal, everyone must work together to fight this deadly Coronavirus.

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