AFJ Amidst This Morbid Covid

AFJ Amidst This Morbid Covid

As writers, we continue to produce knowledge and become more creative thinkers amidst crisis. We do transcend and in the long run, translate our worries into hopes and glories.
On the other hand, as farmers, we never stop planting because of storm and flood warnings. The reason being is that we always look forward to something beneficial ahead of us. Our intention is to harvest plentiful fruits out of our laborious efforts and not to gain nothing or less.

Paralleled to those two expositions I mentioned above are conspicuously evident to what this COVID-19 phenomenon is trying to imply. That, while it is currently and rampantly ravaging the world of men; our primordial role is to protect ourselves from its raging powers by hiding inside our houses or wherever is the safest refuge where we think we could best survive. Yet, we should never give up hoping that by FIGHTING, there is a better or greater chance of WINNING!”

After this lengthy exposition, what I really would like to emphasize is that, amidst this, what we call TOUGH OR DIFFICULT TIMES due to this PANDEMIC, we also have to be TOUGH AND STRONG. Please never stop hoping, trying, and having stronger faith. Please believe that we could be able to appreciate and gain more abundant blessings after every storm in our lives.

As your editor-in-chief, I would really like to encourage you to stay connected with our community by monitoring and abiding by what the proper authorities are telling us (Social Distancing, Hand-washing, Staying at home, Proper Hygiene, etc.) and by not withdrawing your contributions: as writers, readers, printers, layout artists, cartoonists, and especially, advertisers. You all serve as the vital components for why the Alberta Filipino Journal is circulating and indefatigably serving. Worry not about the printed materials because we also have the website and Facebook pages.

However, this doesn’t mean we are not printing.

So, on behalf of our publisher, I am inviting everyone to keep intact until the end of this battle. Never purposely devastate your crops before the storm arrives or strikes.

Habang nasa Quarantine, Mananalo ang War Natin laban sa COVID-19!

Keep safe and always feel valued!

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