Mangan at Quickly Callingwood's seafood delight

Mangan at Quickly Callingwood's seafood delight

It was a few years back that I met Alex Galang.

We call him Chef Alex because he does the cooking for the Crosstown Auto Centre basketball teams during out-of-town games. The other cook helping him feed the team officials and players is Joe Robillos, Chef Joe, we call him.

Then came the announcement late last year that Quickly Premium Bubble Team in Callingwood, will have Mangan to add to its line-up of food choices.

Since 2018, my wife Marj would love to go to Quickly Premium for their famous bubble tea and have a chit-chat with the lovely May Tiongson, wife of coach Chester. There’s the chicken wings, kikiam and fish and squid balls that would be a good partner for the bubble tea.

Then Marj saw on their FB page about the Seafoods Kare-Kare. Then the curiousity started. She started talking about it to her siblings about her feeling that menu looks very delicious.

So I decided to order a party tray, then added the Sweet and Sour Fish, Stir-fry Prawn and Egglant in Sambal Sauce to complete the seafoods line-up. Well, just for curiousity’s sake.

The verdict?
I had a grand time on Christmas eve, seeing my in-laws enjoying every bite of the seafoods line-up.

Believe, these people are food critics themselves in their own right.

The flavorful kare-kare, just the right taste of sweetness and sourness of the fish, and the stir-fry prawn and eggplant in Sambal sauce? Bull’s eye! I made them happy that night.

Chef Alex’s seafood line-up was mouth-watering and provided a delight to the taste buds.

Mangan was impressive!
It was indeed a seafoods delight.

(Writer’s Note: Mangan is located at Callingwood Square, 6719-177 Street, Edmonton can can be reached at (780) 249-2622)

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