Fine Is Not Fine!

Fine Is Not Fine!

Last June 4, 2019, an Edmonton Traffic Officer caught me holding my phone while waiting in congested traffic by Groat Road, resulting in me being ticketed for the amount of $287.00. Remember, failure to pay this on time will accumulate great interests.
I was tempted to use my cellphone in order to get in touch with someone I was going to meet. It was an important appointment that I had to get to, but I ran out of time due to the traffic jam caused by the Groat Road Bridge renovation.

City of Edmonton Traffic Division:
Is this reasonable? Are you implementing a reasonable law or an ordinance? Are you charging whoever holds a cellphone even during very heavy traffic conditions? Are you depriving us of our right to communicate with the person across the line, with whom we’ve set an important appointment? Are you charging for the sake of charging? Is it fair to impose an unreasonable fine during a reasonable situation (that is, heavy traffic due to the construction of the city’s bridge)? Do your traffic officers have no mercy when charging us that amount? Doesn’t he realize that the $287.00 can instead be spent on a few sacks of rice; several pounds of meat, fish, and vegetables; and even a few gallons of gas?

Can you not instruct your traffic officers to be friendly and considerate when in the line of duty?

Do you expect me to say: “Okay, fine!”

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