‘Magnitude of the Advent Season’

‘Magnitude of the Advent Season’

The Advent season is a meaningful time for all of us to reflect and prepare for what is to come not only for Christmas but beyond the blessed holiday. Advent is a beautiful moment to offer prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ and seek guidance and direction to help fulfill our purpose.

​What exactly is Advent? The word originates from a Latin phrase meaning, “The Lord is coming.” During the third Sunday of Advent, a key color within the candles that is lit is ‘rose’ or ‘pink’ if you will. The symbolic meaning behind this color is slowly easing us into the great excitement and joy we will soon experience when Jesus is born on Christmas Day. The third Sunday and every Sunday of Advent is about rejoicing and celebrating Christ who sacrificed everything for us.

​Another key aspect during the Advent season that many individuals indulge in is the use of Advent calendars. Often, we use these calendars as little treats, we look forward to every day, which is great! But it is important to remember the importance of the Advent calendar as a time of preparation for the joy we experience with family on the day that Christ was born. It is little items of symbolism like the Advent Calendar that we must make mental notes of in recognizing the magnitude they have for one of the most important days of the year.

​With Christmas only a few days away, we must reflect on the true meaning of Advent and make a continuous effort to strengthen our faith and strive to be closer with God. God bless you all and see you in the new year. And remember, keep Christ in Christmas!

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