Pinoys’ reaction on reported `Nurse Layoffs’ in AB

Pinoys’ reaction on reported `Nurse Layoffs’ in AB
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney in a screen grab from CTV News.

CTV News reported about “Nurse Layoffs” in Alberta Province and the Alberta Filipino Journal requested reactions from the Pinoy community.

Ping Ping: Soo sad

Dan Milo: This govt attacks frontline workers on all public sector just like during Ralph Klein era .Never vote this govt .They’re pro business… .Create jobs not cut it

Marjorie Igpit: Staffing already is a problem even without cuts yet. What will happen now? Quality of care will surely suffer, more sick calls for overwork Nurses means more OT!
I can speak for myself coz I am struggling of taking care 100 residents and just me 1 RN on my shift. Go figure MR KENNY!

Dizajen Rubang: Kaya i hate politics puro lang pangako!f*** ngayon marami na naman akong mga nurse na mga kaibigan walang trabaho at mga teachers kulang na nga sa nurse at teachers!
taasan lahat electric bill morgage, insurance, water bill,drainage disposal lahat increase! tapos no JOB common! WHERE IS YOUR PROMISES ALL IS BULLSHIT! YOU THINK ONLY YOUR OWN PLATE NOT ALBERTANS !
pati mga baboy at mga baka gusto na din mag strike!
Magaling sa mga sweet words! basta yan lang masasabi ko!

Ericson Dizon: I remember the times when Politicians used to be called Statesmen. Because they put the country and the people first above any political ambitions. Take the analogy of a student driver. If the driver is all over the road hitting everything on site, do you think the driver gets a license to drive? Of course not, even if everyone watching approves of the driving, good sense should always prevail.

Armie Harley Pedia: Pano na?

Mhei Lahny: Mas worst is to less the student benefits. And we need to pay more.
My children is in elem. And H.S.
Sabi ng mga teachers ng anak ko kagagawan daw ng conservative party.

Magar Lucenara: Thats the world of politics, whoever sits in their, they have the same views and principles in order to carry out successfully their political goals and/or needs… but in this case either they are power seeker or power hunger…. Power seekers has mastery of telling the people what they want to hear. While, Power hunger are covetous, grasping, and avaricious.. also known as “economics of politics” we usually assume that politicians are motivated not by greed but by power hunger.. so the question is ” Does democracy motivate power hungry politicians to do good despite their bad intentions?…

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