The Importance of MOvember

The Importance of MOvember

As many of you know, every November there is an initiative put forth by an organization called ‘The Movember Foundation’ that focuses on raising awareness in men’s health. Throughout the world, many individuals decide to grow their own creative forms of facial hair as advocates for preventing suicide in men, improving men’s quality of life, and helping men worldwide take action to continually spread awareness to help men stop dying young. Moreover, if you do not want to grow a beard or moustache, there are many other ways to promote this foundation, such as donating money to the foundation, as well as sharing information regarding ‘Movbember’ on all your social media accounts. Every dollar counts to help get men the physical and emotional support they need to improve their quality of life and continue to make many more memories with their loved ones.

​Other causes that the ‘Movember Foundation’ place an emphasis on include prostate cancer and testicular cancer. On their website they state the fact that 1 in 7 Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. All the donations that are accumulated within this organization support continuous research on prostate and testicular cancer as Movember’s aim is to “halve the number of men dying from prostate cancer, and halve the number of men facing serious ongoing side effects from treatment” (Movember, 2019) by 2030.

​I can go on about the various initiatives Movember participates in but the main takeaway is Movember’s encompassing theme of men’s health and continued awareness and support to provide resources for men worldwide to not only live a longer life, but an uplifting one.

​Join me today and help support Movember by growing some facial hair and feel free to be creative with your moustache and beard. If facial hair isn’t really your thing, please visit Movember’s website at and donate what you can to support this great cause. This Movember, you and I could help stop men from dying too young. Lastly, “Grow a MO, Save a BRO” (Movember, 2019).

​All the information above was taken from Movember’s website at which I hope you visit now.

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