An Anonymous Article For You

An Anonymous Article For You

People around the world struggle with the conflicts within their mind. These include internal conflicts that make people feel like they have no one. We live in a world where there are people feel alone even though they are not. Our mental health – not just our own, but also of the people around us – is a serious topic which we should focus our attention on. Every time we go out, we ask people, “How are you?” and we respond with a “Thank you.” But when did you last ask yourself, “How am I?”, “Am I doing well?” or “Is there something going on?” How many times have you taken care of yourself instead of taking care of others? How many times have you read a “bedtime story” to yourself? How many times did you treat yourself and “hang out” with yourself?

The environment around us affects the way we act. One’s mental health can be defined by the people surrounding him/her. The joy that we see from the man who makes everyone happy can have a different face when he is alone in his room. That silent girl in the corner who you think is “weird” has a reason why she is silent.

Our speech has a great impact towards people. Simple small talk can have a different and positive meaning for the people around us. A simple phrase of “How was your day?” can brighten up one’s mood. We live in a society where people are so different. Where people are filled with positivity and negativity. But despite the “negative”, we know that there will always be a bright side.

I myself have struggled while dealing with my mental health. Having my friends and family around me helped a lot in overcoming the fight within myself. Just by talking to them gave me an overwhelming feeling which helped me work my way through the maze of depression. Once, my mom told me that, “Sitting in a room alone is not a good thing because it makes you overthink.” That was an eye opener for me. And because of that, I started to become more engaged with the things happening around me which helped me turn those problems into happiness. I started caring for myself more, and I started to think of what makes me happy. And lastly, I started to become more engaged with God. A prayer is the greatest weapon against the swords of sadness. The first bible verse I learned from my mom is from the book of Jeremiah. “Call unto me and I will answer thee.” (Jeremiah 33:3) If you just ask for help from God, he will help you. God will never reject you even if you are a sinner. God welcomes everyone in His kingdom as long as you accept Him. God is always up there, looking at you even if you turned Him away, even if you choose someone or something over Him. God will always be there for you.

Our mental health is very important. Our mind also needs a rest after a long day of stress. Having an “unrested brain” can lead to depression and anxiety which can lead to a conundrum between life and death. Finding someone to talk to is very important because this helps us recover while having a “shoulder to cry on”. Also, being the one who listens to someone’s problem can be a huge help to that person because this lets him/her know that someone cares. A simple “How are you?” can lead to a person’s turning point in life. From this, we can help build a world close to utopia where people are filled with positivity.

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