Kudos to the Flying Eagles Team

Kudos to the Flying Eagles Team

On August 8, 2016, Tim San Pedro, Jas Sanghera and Red Nacianceno formed the Flying Eagles basketball team.

They started with just seven players. Today, they have 45 in their line-up.

What interest me was when I learned that they organized a Kiddie Basketball Camps for Free last September 14 with the support of Splash Brothers Sportswear, Sandra and Jeff Mainit, Jekasa, Crosstown Auto Centre, Quickly Premium Bubble Tea, Amirax, JILC, Cebuchon BBQ and PSA Basketball.

My first impression is that basketball teams are just formed to join the Pinoy leagues as a form of recreation.

Later I learned that these Flying Eagles are more than just a basketball team and a group of friends.

Red said before coming to Canada in 2015, he and his friends have been holding basketball camps in the Philippines already.

So when he arrived in Canada, they formed a basketball team and decided to hold similar basketball camps for the kids for free. Awesome!

Red and his team have closely coordinated with their friends in the Philippines to continually support a free basketball camp for the kids.

They are planning to hold another one in December in coordination with former PBA star Philip Cezar, now coach of the Manila Stars in the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League.

Red, who like Cezar is a graduate of the Jose Rizal University (now you see the connection?), said they will be giving away shoes and balls to their beneficiaries to encourage them to keep on playing basketball.

Good job Flying Eagles basketball team in Edmonton. Mabuhay kayo!

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