Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child Abuse Prevention Month

October is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The Zebra Child Protection Centre does so much good work as it is made up of a team of dedicated law enforcement, specialized assessors, medical professionals and Zebra Centre staff working to create a safe space for children who have undergone or are undergoing child abuse. Meanwhile, our role as the Child Advocacy Society is to help promote awareness about child abuse on campus. We want to equip students and professors by educating them on how to identify the signs of abuse, how to handle if someone comes forward to you and asks for help, and more. Many university students may have a career working with children in the future and it is imperative that they are exposed to this knowledge.

This summer, I was fortunate enough to work with the Child Advocacy Society of the University of Alberta, to create the fundraising campaign, Herd for Help. Our goal is to fund resources that provide support and programs for individuals that have been or are currently being affected by childhood abuse. A majority of the funds will go towards the Zebra Child Protection Centre and a portion will go to the Child Advocacy Society of the University of Alberta.

Making any social change requires a village, or as we like to say…it takes a herd. 😀

Please check out our website at to see how you can help! There are many resources to further educate yourself about the multifaceted problems our society must battle with child abuse. As well, please visit to learn more about the programs they offer and the work that they are doing.

We hope you can support us in our mission to help the Zebra Child Protection Centre and aid children in need.

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